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Apr 17, 2016 11:09 AM ET

Archived: Temp Pal: The world’s smartest thermometer patch – Relieves your tension about child fever, and makes Basal Body Temperature easier than ever

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 17, 2016

Temp Pal: The world’s smartest thermometer patch

Temp Pal relieves your tension about child fever, and makes Basal Body Temperature easier than ever.


Most of us not using thermometers the ‘right’ way.

Accuracy of infrared thermometers are easily compromised by external factors.

For instance, sweaty skin and environment condition all affect the temperature from the forehead.

Besides, to get the right temperature, the probe of the ear thermometer has to reach deep into the ear canal, and aim directly at tympanic membrane. Needless to say, it HURTS and you’re not getting the most authentic body temperature.

What you didn’t know, is that there is a BETTER solution to temperature measurement.

We can’t stand to see the kids suffer. And we’re so stressed out from checking their temperature in the middle of the night.

For women trying to conceive, life is tiring enough with work and all the chores, let alone having to get out of bed early every morning to record Basal Body Temperature.

Aren’t you annoyed by this morning hustle?

We’ve been through all this.

We were couples struggling to record temperature for pregnancy, and now as parents we worry about our child’s fever. 

That’s why we put our engineering and medical field expertise to developing Temp Pal, a device designed to make temperature monitoring easier and more comfortable.

Temp Pal is an accurate, affordable, and easy to use thermometer patch that’s great for expecting parents and kids.

The traditional thermometer is obsolete.

Meet Temp Pal, the world’s smallest, flexible, cloud-connected thermometer patch. It’s going to change the way you check body temperature.

Temp Pal is smart and accurate (precise to ±0.09℉ or ±0.05℃).

It is made for long-term use, and will continuously record body temperature. Furthermore, it ensures peace of mind, as its wireless connection enables parents to monitor children’s condition continuously, even from afar.
Made of medical-grade thermoplastic, Temp Pal is hypoallergenic, sweat proof and flexible, bringing you the most comfortable temperature care.

Traditional thermometers (i.e. ear sensor) use infrared detection, which is subject to interference from ear wax, the ear canal, or other obstructions.

For accuracy, Temp Pal records body temperature through direct contact with the skin. By integrating the hardware and software calibration and the advanced thermal technology, Temp Pal makes multiple temperature measurements to maximize accuracy and minimize interference from external sources.

1. Place Temp Pal in the armpit using 3M double sided medical tapes (included).

2. Body temperature data automatically transmitted to smartphone or tablet.

3. Connected! Remote and 24/7 temperature monitoring via cloud service.


Ear thermometers are uncomfortable and hard to use.

That’s not the case with Temp Pal.

  • Accurate:±0.09℉ or ±0.05℃

  • Comfortable: Small, soft, hypoallergenic

  • Rechargeable, Reusable: Eco-friendly and designed for long-term use.

  • $0.22 a day for 24/7 care.

FOR CHILDREN — Get uninterrupted sleep

No more waking up in the middle of the night to check the temperature.
Temp Pal does the night watch. 

Stay informed: remote monitoring provides peace of mind for parents, even when away.

  • Temperature Alert: Instant notifications once the temperature reaches high or low temperature threshold.
  • Cloud and Remote: Broadcasts temperature readings to multiple care givers from the cloud. Parents can watch kids’ conditions remotely.
  • Group Monitoring: View conditions of multiple children simultaneously. Temp Pal is ideal for multiple children, or for daycare centers. 

FOR PREGNANCY — Sleep more, sleep well.

No more early morning hustle.

Temp Pal records Basal Body Temperature at regular intervals, and tells you when you have the best chance of getting pregnant.

  • BBT Chart: Automatically records basal body temperature during sleeping. 
  • Fertility Prediction: Calculate the best timing for getting pregnant. 
  • Data Secured: Continue to record and store data even if bluetooth connection is interrupted.

Temp Pal is rechargeable, and designed for long-term, continuous use.

Each Temp Pal package includes an exclusive egg-shaped charger, and a full charge only takes 2-hours. The device typically lasts more than24 hours on a full charge.

We guarantee 500 charge cycles. For only $0.22 a day, you can enjoy 24/7 temperature monitoring.

This is innovation for everyone.

Temp Pal is much more than just a smart thermometer.

It is a comprehensive well-being  package.

  • Positioning: It will automatically drop a pin where your child is. 
  • Notes: Take notes of your symptoms and medication history. 
  • Data Export: Share the data with your health care provider via email.
  • Medication Reminder: Notifies you when it’s time to take your medication.
  • Quick Pairing: Temp Pal automatically searches and connects to your device.


*For Cloud Remote Monitoring, both mom and dad can simultaneously care for all the children.

*TempTraq is single-use and disposable. With Temp Pal, it is rechargeable and reusable.

  • Weight: 0.09 oz
  • Length: 1.12 inch
  • Width: 0.88 inch
  • Thickness: 0.12 inch
  • Bluetooth Connection: 5 m
  • Accuracy: +/-0.09 F (or +/- 0.05 C) 
  • Battery: Rechargeable, Continuous 24 hour usage
  • Sweat Proof: IP 34
  • EN 12470-4 Clinical Thermometer standard
  • Compatible: Android, iOS  
  • For more details, please refer to FAQ

Super Early Bird: $59 -save 40%! (MSRP $99)

1 Temp Pal smart thermometer (yellow) , 30 Medical tapes , 1 Exclusive egg-shaped charger, 1 Micro USB cable

Early Bird: $69 -save 30%! (MSRP $99)

1 Temp Pal smart thermometer (yellow) , 30 Medical tapes , 1 Exclusive egg-shaped charger, 1 Micro USB cable

Indiegogo Price: $79 -save 20%! (MSRP $99

1 Temp Pal smart thermometer (yellow) , 30 Medical tapes, 1 Exclusive egg-shaped charger, 1 Micro USB cable

  • Dec 2013: First Design Sketch
  • Oct 2014 – Mar 2015: Engineering Sample
  • Jul 2015: Final Testing
  • Oct 2015: Final Testing
  • Oct 2015: iOS APP Submission
  • Apr 2016: Android APP Submission
  • April 2016: Indiegogo Campaign Start
  • June 2016: Indiegogo Campaign End
  • June 2016: Mass Production
  • August 2016: Shipping


All team members are parents, and understand the hassle of taking a child’s temperature. We created Temp Pal to aleviate this problem.

Founded in Taiwan in 2014, iWEECARE is collaborating with electronics manufacturers Flextronic and TSMT to ensure the best product quality and the most timely production schedule.

Why we need you?

Temp Pal promises better temperature care for every family. We are really excited to see it coming true. Our product has undergone numerous engineering and verification. And IndieGoGo is our last mile! 

We have designed all the software and hardware applications on our own, but we also realize that there will be other challenges ahead.

To initiate mass production and to keep our promise to you, we need your help on IndieGoGo. Please support us, fund us and bring home a new temperature care package.

It is our duty to build a better future for our children. “We care, because you care.”

said CEO, Glen Tseng.



1. What exactly is Temp Pal?

Temp Pal is a one-dollar sized, flexible, smart thermometer patch that brings more accurate and comfortable temperature care.

Different from traditional thermometers which can only measure instant temperature, Temp Pal achieves remote and continuous monitoring on users’ condition. With instant fever/low temperature alert and automatic basal body temperature chart mapping, Temp Pal offers a comprehensive temperature care package.

2. What is the level of Temp Pal’s electromagnetic wave? Will it pose risks to children?

Temp Pal is a BLE (bluetooth low energy) product, and it has very low radiation with emitting only 1/160000 electromagnetic wave of usual cell phone radiation. So please do not worry about the impact of radiation on children.

3. Why do you need Temp Pal?

Temp Pal ensures a better, more convenient and more accurate temperature care than traditional thermometers.

For child care, Temp Pal brings peace of mind to parents with remote monitoring.

For moms-to-be, Temp Pal frees you from early morning basal body temperature measurements.

4. How is Temp Pal different from traditional thermometer?

Traditional thermometer only measures single, instant temperature condition, and can only be operated manually. Temp Pal improves current unfriendly and inconvenient thermometer usage, and brings a much more comfortable solution to temperature care.

5. Where are Temp Pal’s shipping destinations?

We ship globally! If your address is ‘earth’, we deliver to wherever you are.

6. How much is Temp Pal’s shipping fee?

Free world shipping! The perk price you’ve pledged has included all necessary fees.

7. Does Temp Pal use rechargeable battery?

Temp Pal uses eco-friendly, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Full charge only takes 2-hours. The device typically lasts more than 24 hours on a full charge. To increase longevity of the battery, we suggest you always charge up Temp Pal in its exclusive egg-shaped charger after use.

8. Is Temp Pal water-proof?

Temp Pal is sweat-proof and water-resistant. While we have passed IP 34 water-proof certification, Temp Pal is still a electronic device, so we would suggest users to store Temp Pal in dry places, and avoid splashing liquid on Temp Pal.

9. What is Temp Pal’s specification in detail?

Please refer to the table below:

Contact Information:

iWEECARE Co., Ltd.

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