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Apr 16, 2016 1:07 PM ET

Archived: THE 64 – Computer and Handheld Console: The world’s bestselling single computer model has been reimagined in both computer and handheld console versions

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2016

THE 64 – Computer and Handheld Console

THE 64 – Our version of the global bestselling computer is here! THE 64 will ship GLOBALLY!


THE 64 ™ – Our version of the global bestselling Computer is here!

THE 64 ™ is here and has bought it’s handheld cousin along for the ride! The world’s bestselling single computer model has been reimagined in both computer and handheld console versions!

THE 64 ™  is an exciting and respectful re-imagining of the original home computer, the Commodore C64. Developed using the latest (old) technology, the highly passionate team behind THE 64 ™ is excited to bring you not only a classic desktop version of THE 64 ™ but also a brand new handheld version meaning classic gaming, on the go!

THE 64 ™ computer console will come bundled with a joystick, a selection of classic games and also some brand new content which will be exclusive to this launch version of THE 64 ™ computer console.

THE 64 ™ project is being designed, built and marketed by a team of people who are utterly passionate about the Commodore 64 ™ and retro gaming.  The team were previously involved in bringing to market consoles and products such as the C64DTV ™, and the Nintendo Wii ™ C64 ™ games.

(Scale model of THE 64™ shown in photo)

THE 64 ™ is being designed and developed by a team led by a world class software and hardware engineer. He is aided by a technical team from around the world.

THE 64 ™ project is headed up by video game industry veteran Darren Melbourne who conceptualized and bought to market the C64DTV ™ console as well as dozens of other game related products during a video games career that has spanned over thirty years.

THE 64 ™ gaming team is built around a group of people with many years of games creation and intellectual property licensing experience!  The foundation of the team is their love of the Commodore 64 ™ and it is this passion that shines through with the creation of the games software for THE 64 ™. Key team members are also integral parts of the C64 ™ community, working tirelessly to preserve and maintain the C64 ™, keeping the scene vibrant and alive.

This Indiegogo campaign is intended to raise the necessary funds to manufacture the first production units of THE 64 ™ which will be shipped to the  backers of the campaign., The campaign will also enable  us prepare us for the global retail production launch of THE 64 ™

By supporting this project it will allow you to be one of the first to own one of the new THE 64 ™ consoles. All backers who have pledged for one of the consoles can choose to receive one of THE 64 ™ range (computer or handheld) from our first and numbered production run.  Backers of this campaign are also ensuring the continued existence and survival of the greatest home computer of all time.

There is also an exciting range of other THE 64 ™ campaign backers perks, including: signed limited edition concept art originals, posters, limited edition chrome computers, and even getting your name on the PCB!

(Concept Render)

Why TWO different consoles?

Since its inception our plan has always to bring both a classic home computer, as well as a handheld console to the market. We did not want to fall into the trap of releasing the computer and then twelve months later releasing the handheld.  In this way backers of the campaign can choose either – the home computer, the handheld 64 (THE 64SX ™) or both, donating appropriately. 

What games are included with THE 64 ™?

This is where it gets interesting for fans of retro gaming! We are already speaking to a wide range of rights holders with regards to including their games on THE 64 ™! We will announce these over the coming weeks, once the campaign is underway, and we can speak more openly about the titles.. All we can say at this point is you are going to be very, very happy. Whilst we will include some absolute retro game classics, we will include some all new games, which have 30+ years of new programming techniques to delight you, and we will also be bringing some mystery games that you will just have to see to believe! Keep watching this space for updates.

Can I add other games to THE 64 ™ consoles?

Yes, yes, yes! We are making THE 64 ™ consoles REALLY easy to add more games to. There are thousands of games you can legally download off the internet to load onto you’re THE 64, so you will never run out of games.. Not only that, but there is a thriving new indie game scene with some absolutely stunning games being released all the time. So you can have endless fun with your THE 64 ™.

(Concept Render)

THE 64 ™ – Current Status 

The core research and development of THE 64 ™ consoles is complete, and we have working prototypes ongoing, concept case models, and software waiting to go into production as soon as practical. Production and shipping of the first THE 64 ™computers for the campaign backers are planned for early December 2016, with the handheld version for campaign backers to be delivered in April 2017.  Given the chance, and with encouragement from all our supporters, we will reach our funding goal quickly and perhaps we be able to improve on this delivery date potentially. 

Inspiration for THE 64 ™ computer consoles

THE 64 ™ is the culmination of many years of dedication, and perseverance by our team, who individually and collectively have worked to create something truly special.  We hope that our project resonates with those who grew up with and were inspired by the global phenomena which was the Commodore 64 ™. We hope that both old and new users of the original computer will want to rekindle their passion and will once again be inspired by this new incarnation of that legendary machine. The 64 is dead, Long Live THE 64 ™!

(photos shows size differences between THE 64™ and an original C64™)

The development of THE 64 Computer Consoles

THE 64 ™ consoles feature all new core technology, based around the classic 64 architecture andis being designed and developed by a team of expert developers, many of whom have already created the technology behind several other classic retro consoles.

THE 64 ™ case concept designs have been created by our own team of experienced, creative and passionate in-house designers, who have created a beautiful homage to the C64 ™. An incredible new design one with one eye fixed very firmly in the past. 

The features of THE 64 ™ Computer Consoles

THE 64 ™ range of consoles is very simple to operate. It will come preloaded with a range of classic and all new games, but more importantly will allow you to add as many games to it as you want! THE 64 ™ is a Commodore 64 ™ but it’s also so much more!!

(Concept Render)

About the team behind THE 64 ™

Darren Melbourne – Has been in the games industry for over thirty years. During his career in the games industry Darren has created games for almost every major platform of note since the early 1980’s but has always retained a passion for eight bit gaming, especially for the Commodore ™ range of machines. Darren was also one of the key people behind the C64DTV ™ console, striving to constantly breathe new life into the classic Commodore 64 ™.  Darren is leading an experienced and passionate team to bring this project to completion, continuing the legacy of the greatest home computer all of time!

The manufacture of THE 64 ™ range of consoles

We are exploring various manufacturing and distribution options to ensure global deliveries directly to backers. We have set the currency of this campaign in USA Dollars, but THE 64 ™ is truly a globally loved computer, and we are aiming to set up region specific delivery and distribution options for our backers. So for example if you live in the USA you’re THE 64 ™ will be delivered from the USA, directly to you.

Following our initial production run for those of you who choose one of the variousTHE 64 ™  console perks in this campaign, we hope to launch to retail after fulfilling backers THE 64 ™ consoles. Everyone who has pledged in this campaign will receive updates over the coming months, telling them about our progress through the various stages of design, and manufacture through to final delivery to you all. Your support and funding will help us to make the launch of  THE 64 ™ range of consoles a reality. By backing this campaign you will become one of the first people in the world to own a THE 64 ™ Console!

The risks and challenges of creating THE 64 ™ consoles

The team behind THE 64 ™ have previously created and brought to market dozens of games and also gaming consoles. From the C64DTV ™ to other computer and handheld consoles, From the C64 ™ games on the Nintendo Wii ™ system to AAA next generation games. We have previously delivered these to both retail buyers and Indiegogo backers.

We have gained all the appropriate Intellectual Property licenses for this project from Cloanto Inc, the owners of the ROMS and BIOS of the Commodore 64 ™.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I get in touch with THE 64 ™ team?

If you want to get it touch with THE 64 ™ team for anything to do with the campaign, or if you just fancy a chat then fire an email over to us viawww.the64.computer or reach out to us on our social channels. We will be happy to help.

Why have you partnered with Indiegogo to raise funds?

Partnering with Indiegogo allows us to kick start our initial production and get THE 64 ™ to you the fans quicker than traditional methods.  As an international platform, the Indiegogo web site can also get us exposure to supporters across Europe, the U.S, and the rest of the world which is important to us.

Why is there a delay from backing the project to delivery?

We are an experienced team but a fairly small new company which does not have limitless access to finance to build a supply of stock.  By supporting us through our campaign, you will help pay for our first full production run which we will ship to you as soon they’re ready on a first come, first served basis.

When will THE 64 ™ consoles be delivered?

Deliveries for the computer console version we hope will begin from December 2016, subject to no unforeseen production delays. The handheld version we hope will ship in April 2017, subject to no unforeseen production delays.

Does THE 64 ™ come with a warranty?

Of course!  Every THE 64 ™ console will come with an appropriate 1 year warranty from any manufacturing faults or defects.

Where are you shipping to?

The territories we are shipping to are listed within the perks & different shipping rates will apply depending on where you are in the world. But in general we hope to ship THE 64 ™ globally.

I would like to change my perk shipping address. What should I do?

(The answer can be found here).

What will happen after the campaign?

We hope to go into full retail production across the globe at some point in 2017.

I’m based in the USA, will I get my THE 64 ™ when customers in the EU get theirs?

We are aiming to get stock of THE 64 ™ landed both in the UK and in the US from the beginning of December 2016 for deliveries to start.  If this looks likely to change for whatever reason we will of course be informing supporters of THE 64 ™ as soon as possible.

Why are the payments on Indiegogo being taken in US Dollars when you’re a British company?

We are British company but the Commodore 64 ™ and therefore hopefully THE 64 ™ will have a very strong following across the world.  USD tends to be a familiar currency – we hope you don’t mind!

I’m having trouble making a payment for my perk on Indiegogo. Who should I reach out to?

We’re sorry to hear that you are having problems! If you’re having trouble making a payment, please reach out to Indiegogo’s Customer Happiness Team atsupport@indiegogo.com. One of their payments specialists should be able to assist you within 24 hours.

Can I get a refund of my perk?

Yes, if you change your mind about backing THE 64 ™ during the campaign. According to Indiegogo’s refund policy, all backers can get a refund directly through them until the campaign ends. Instructions can be found here.

After the campaign, please reach out to us via www.the64.computer

Disclaimer – Retro Games Ltd, THE 64(tm) and THE 64SX(tm) are in no way associated with Commodore Holdings B.V.  THE 64(tm) and THE 64SX(tm) have not been prepared, approved, or licensed by Commodore Holdings B.V in any way and are not licensed to use the Commodore(R) name or ‘Chicken Head’ logo.  The Commodore Roms, BIOS and THE 64(tm) form factor are officially licensed from Cloanto Inc https://cloanto.com/​  The music featured within the video for this crowd fund campaign is owned and composed by Rob Hubbard and is used with kind permission for illustrative purposes only.  The music is used with the permission of the author and High Technology Publishing Ltd http://www.megafounder.com/commodore-64

Minor details of THE 64 consoles may vary in the final delivered models.


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