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Apr 15, 2016 8:56 AM ET

Archived: AOTMP sells information and analytics and the expertise to help apply it.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2016


Indianapolis, IN 46278, US
Information Technology Services

Evotem, LLC (doing business as AOTMP) is a global information services company operating in the fixed and mobile telecom management space. AOTMP sells information and analytics and the expertise to help apply it.

The target revenue opportunity is enormous – Over $1.5 trillion is being spent by businesses on telecom services and 10% to 20% is being overspent. With the $150 to $300 billion being wasted businesses will spend nearly $50 billion to eliminate that waste and nearly twice that much to use telecom to drive business results. Companies like Citigroup and Bank of America spend $750 million a year on telecom services while companies like CVS, Sears, Kaiser Permanente and United spend over $100 million a year. And it’s not being managed.

AOTMP has invested over $4 million developing, and receiving its first two patents on, a proprietary information and analytics database and methodology (the AOTMP asset) that is organized into an ISO or Lean Six Sigma like framework. The service is marketed as the Efficiency First® Program to businesses seeking to drive down costs and increase efficiency in their telecom environments.

AOTMP has established a base of blue chip clients including HP, Avery Dennison, Humana, IBM, Accenture, Toyota, Family Dollar and the State of Indiana without building a sales force. Twenty four months ago the most common sales were $25,000 or less with a few exceeding $100,000. Today common sales and opportunities are $50,000 to $200,000 with $1 million plus presentations being made. The first million dollar sale was made in late 2014 and more are expected in 2015.

AOTMP’s revenue opportunities are at historic levels – revenues are on pace to increase by over 60% in 2015 with full year profitability after increasing 30% in 2014. Revenues are projected to reach nearly $20 million in three years with 15% to 20% net income numbers or substantially more with partner deals that are currently being jointly pitched.

Products / Services

Efficiency First Program

AOTMP is an information services company focused on driving efficiency and performance in enterprise fixed and mobile telecom environments. The company sells information and analytics that drives business results. The average organization has 10 – 20% waste in their telecom environment including voice, data and wireless inefficiencies, AOTMP has developed proprietary intelligence, industry standards, best practices, analytics’ and methodologies which eliminate the waste..

The Efficiency First® Program is based on the Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined and best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments. .AOTMP’s Efficiency First Program consists of the Efficiency First Engine (information subscription) and Efficiency First Experts (assistance to drive adoption).

Revenues are currently 25% information subscriptions (Engine) and 75% services (Experts). They are expected to be 75% information and 25% services in less than 24 months



Chief Executive Officer
Tim Lybrook

Tim Lybrook

Tim Lybrook, the founder and CEO has $1.2 million personal cash invested. Sold previous company, 22 years in telecom management. Tim has over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial experience and grew his telecom bill auditing and outsourcing company from $500,000 in revenues in 1995 to over $11 million in 1999 with profitability each year and earnings before taxes of over $1 million in two out of the five years. Tim was also responsible for building a real estate sales, construction and development company and selling for a seven digit capital gain.

Given Tim’s years of experience he has been able to select and hire key management team members who can take the company to the next level. The management team is composed of key people with many years’ experience in the telecom and telecom management industry.

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Chief Executive Officer
Tim Lybrook

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