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Tullip Energy Exploration and Development B.V. has a portfolio of energy projects executed in Europe, the Middle East in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, mining and geothermal energy

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Tullip Energy Exploration and Development BV

Tullip Energy Exploration and Development BV

Tullip Energy has a portfolio of energy projects executed in Europe and africa.


  • An old oil well in the field with proven geothermal resources
  • Romanian law 220/2008 garantee for market
  • The expansion potential in our 4 geothermal licences


Tullip Energy Exploration and Development B.V. has a portfolio of energy projects executed in Europe, the Middle East in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, mining and geothermal energy.

The management of Tullip Energy B.V. has over a century of international experience in the fields of oil and gas, mining and geothermal.

In 2015, with the aim of moving into alternative energy markets, the company focused on geothermal power generation, starting from a lucrative project in Romania.

Highly experienced people with the experience from the servicing, finacial and technical points of view were formed partnerships with and added to the management and board of directors.


Geothermal Energy Overview

Geothermal resources consist of the thermal energy stored as heat in rocks, as steam or hot water in the Earth’s crust. Geothermal power generation is a commercial solution to provide low cost baseload capacity in areas with excellent high-temperature resources that are close to the surface.High-temperature water or steam-based resources (>180°C) are the most efficient for electricity production. Geothermal power plants are capital-intensive, but they have very low and predictable running costs.Despite the many environmental benefits associated with geothermal plants like the reduction of carbon emissions and environmental pollution, there are numerous direct economic benefits. Geothermal plants have no fuel costs, and minimal maintenance or ancillary costs.Once a plant is operating it can generate electricity for 30 years or longer if the field is engineered and maintained sustainably.

Technology Overview

The technology necessary for the conversion of geothermal water with temperatures over 100°C into “green” electricity is today existent. This conversion is performed through electro-geothermal power plants. These plants use the heat from the hot water to boil a working fluid, usually an organic compound with a low boiling point. The working fluid is vaporized in a heat exchanger and used to turn on a turbine. The water is then reinjected into the ground, where it will be reheated. The water and the working fluid are kept separately during the whole process, so there are little or no air emissions.Project Overview

Tullip Energy Exploration and Development B.V. partnered up with a local company holding a geothermal concession in Romania and is seeking funding of the Phase One of the Porject.

Project Phase One:

Exploration and resource assesment
• Correlate existing reservoir data and well test results
• Drill one well on optimum location of the reservoir, test well
• Existing reservoir data of aquifers and additional well test to remove virtually all geological risks
Project Phase Two:
• Drilling of production and re-injection wells
• Building field infrustructure

Project Phase Three:
• Building the power plant
• Project development and grid connection


Jos Huizing

Jos Huizing


Prior to founding Tullip Energy Exploration & Development BV, Jos held numerous leadership and top management roles globally within the energy industry. Jos founded and manages several successful companies, including being a stakeholder in such companies as GeoTeq BV and being the official distributor of Oilon for BeNeLux, heat pumps since June 2014. In 2013, Jos founded and is CEO of Middle East Supplies FZC based in UAE. In 2010, Jos founded and is General Director of Holland Oil Tech Services BV. In 2008, Jos founded and is the General Director of KDC Repair and Tool Shop based in Kazakhstan. In 2005, Jos founded and is CEO of KazDuCo. In addition, he has been CEO in GeoDuCo BV and set up JV’s in Gabon, Kenya, Egypt and Algeria. In 1991, Jos served in senior management roles in Central Europe, Russia, and the Caspian Sea Area for Baker Hughes Christensen. In 1986, Jos started his extensive oil and gas career with Diamond Board Strata Bit, currently part of Halliburton, where he held various positions.
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Jos Huizing

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