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Apr 14, 2016 3:37 PM ET

Archived: Perfectore Corp. – Product line specifically designed to enhance performance and improve the way humans relate to gravity during everyday activities

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2016

Perfectore Corp.

Medical Devices & Equipment

Gravity. It’s getting us down. This powerful force is responsible for the deterioration of our spines, chronic pain, and rapid aging. Perfectore Corp. has developed a concept that alters that harsh reality. Perfectore’s “Wearable Strength Anti-Gravity” product line offers an advanced set of solutions to this universal problem. This product line is specifically designed to enhance performance and improve the way humans relate to gravity during everyday activities of daily living. True performance wear that works instantly as well as provides effective long term solutions.

Products / Services

Anti-Gravity Design Technology

A patented wearable elastic resistance exercise harness and spinal support ergonomically designed to align the spine. Clinically proven to work on everybody by bio-mechanically shifting the force of gravity off the head, neck and shoulders to the abdominal muscles, relieving up to 70 lbs of pressure on the body’s muscular-skeletal frame. Benefits include optimized physical and mental performance, prevention of rapid deterioration, improved balance, better self image resulting from looking and feeling more fit and more attractive.

Occupational Support Gear Catalog

A fashionable line of wearable exercise gear specifically created to provide any worker in any position with support and a tool for conditioning throughout the work day. Benefits include; pain relief, stamina, better breathing, clearer thinking, better appearance, more alert, feeling fit and strong. Feel younger.



Director Business Development
The Perfectore Team

Dynamic design team with a combined experience spanning 30 years. Future forward and passionately driven. Creative genius applied to daily living. Introducing Marina and Collon.

Director Executive Officer
Marina Prospero

Marina ProsperoMarina Prospero graduated from York University with Honors B.A. in Communications. A professional in the entertainment industry for ten years, she held management, producer, and directing positions. Marina has extensive experience in executive management, operations, and implementation of large-scale projects. Marina’s first experience with the Perfectore changed her life. A victim of several serious car accidents, she had been left with chronic and crippling back pain and was actively seeking relief by any method that would help. Within the first 5 minutes of wearing a Perfectore device, she could stand up straight with no pain for the first time in 7 years. She immediately saw the potential of this invention and joined forces with Collon to bring his solution to the masses. Her valuable experience as an executive and entrepreneur guided product research, product design, and development, making the Perfectore Corp. management team uniquely qualified and uniquely positioned.

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Contact Information:

Director Executive Officer
Marina Prospero

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