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Apr 14, 2016 1:48 PM ET

Archived: Micro Manager – captures billable time automatically: A clever new time tracking app that records billable hours automatically

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2016


MicroManager captures billable time automatically. So you don’t have to…


So, what is MicroManager? MicroManager is a clever new time tracking app that records billable hours automatically. It’s perfect for busy professionals who charge by the hour, work from multiple locations, and have employees or contractors working for them.

The app works by capturing time spent traveling (including distance), time on the phone, and time spent at each client’s site, and automatically charging it to the right client’s bill. It eliminates “lost” billable time by automatically accounting for tasks that are hard to keep track of, ensuring accurate invoicing and maximum profits.

A prototype of MicroManager is complete and we’re about to enter Beta testing. Throughout development, we have put the app through robust debugging. Because of this, a short Beta of only 4 to 6 weeks will be necessary. You can expect to see MicroManager on the market by May 2016.

Read on to see how MicroManager’s powerful features help business owners generate more profit, without lifting a finger.


Phone calls, off-site meetings, travel time — how many minutes are you forgetting to bill every day? Add them all up and ask yourself: How much extra could you make if my time was properly tracked?

Picture this typical scenario:

You’re a proven commodity in your field and charge $120 an hour. You do your best to be diligent about keeping track of the time you spend working on each client’s projects, but you can never capture every minute you spend. On average, you estimate three hours of unaccounted for work every week. At $120 an hour, this unbilled time is costing you around $18,000 a year. And that doesn’t even factor in the admin time wasted trying to reconcile this gap!

If you own an IT company with 20 mobile staff working for you, the problem becomes exponentially worse. Say each team member charges $90 an hour. If each staff member loses track of three hours of billable time each week, you face an annual financial loss of more than $250,000!

Globally, the trend towards highly mobile, contracted resources is growing exponentially. That means accurate time tracking is critical — and old-fashioned, manual time tracking methods are simply not good enough. Current time-tracking methods are cumbersome, messy, and riddled with human error. Ask yourself: What did I do on Monday? Or even yesterday? Our memories are fleeting, and without MicroManager, so are your revenues.

Stop losing money, time, peace of mind. MicroManager captures billable time automatically. So you don’t have to. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

MicroManager enables individual contractors and organisations who employ mobile workers to reduce admin time and increase profits by automating the process of recording billable time.


There is no need to remember to turn timers on or off, or to mess around with time sheets. Billing is all taken care of, with little or no intervention, meaning you can focus on what actually matters: growing your business.

How do we capture data?
MicroManager is the only product that automatically captures location, time and calls for mobile workers. These are two of the most common missed billing opportunities for mobile workers, but add them up over the course of a month, and we’re talking of thousands of dollars down the drain.

We harness the geolocation technology already built into a your smartphone to track which client you’re visiting and properly record travel time and distance.

Call Logs
We also tap into your smartphone’s call logs to capture time spent on phone calls with clients.

What other capabilities does MicroManager have?

MicroManager also revolutionizes:

Managing Teams
MicroManager lets you set billing targets, track performance, and create real-time progress reports for your team.

Syncing Data
MicroManager syncs with popular cloud-based accounting systems to make invoicing quick and easy. In the future, we will enable MicroManager to integrate with payroll software to generate automatic payments.

Adding Manual Time
If any time needs to be manually added retrospectively, MicroManager allows for that too.

Simply put: contractors and consultants love MicroManager because we improve their revenues without them having to lift a finger.

We started building MicroManager in August 2015. Since February 2016, we have been finalising development with new updates being released almost every two days. This aggressive programme of testing and bug fixing will allow us to run a relatively short 4 – 6 week Beta phase.

What’s the next phase of development?

We have a number of new features already in the works for the second version of MicroManager. These include project management tracking, productivity, and cost management tools.

We also plan on creating specific tools and software for the film and television industry. Contractors in this industry have very specific needs for time tracking and almost always exceed their budget.

We are also working on means for automating time tracking for desk workers as well, which will offer existing users added functionality and open up a whole new market.

According to a new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC), the U.S. mobile worker population will grow at a steady rate over the next five years, increasing from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020.

We expect MicroManager to be on the market by May and to secure 600 licenses within our first six months.

In addition to the above projections we are finalising a major partnership agreement with an International Accounting Software Business. This agreement will see them offer MicroManager as a time tracking solution to their 20,000 user client base. They have been so impressed with the app that they have also expressed interest in investing in MicroManager.

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