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Apr 14, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: BomBoard LLC: Designed to make it possible for tens of thousands of new enthusiasts to enjoy the thrills of riding the waterways of their choice, when they want to.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2016

BomBoard LLC

Whitewater, WI 53190, US
Consumer Products

The BomBoard is an award-winning personal watercraft for action sport enthusiasts. Its patented modularity allows for transport and storage without a trailer and the world’s lowest cost blows open a huge market. Action & adventure, anytime, anywhere.

10 million Americans enjoy riding personal watercrafts each year. And so many more want to, but can’t.

The BomBoard is designed to make it possible for tens of thousands of new enthusiasts to enjoy the thrills of riding the waterways of their choice, when they want to.

Urban waterways are the only open urban playgrounds to go fast & furious and people want in. However, up until now there have been no suitable options in the performance watercraft market for this environment. The BomBoard is the breakthrough innovation needed to blow this market wide open:

The BomBoard is a Thrill Ride. Whether standing, sitting or kneeling, BomBoarders, at speeds of up to 45 mph, are one with their machines – riding the ever changing water surface and experiencing the adrenaline pumping thrill, beginner and advanced action sport enthusiasts crave.

The BomBoard Provides Never Before Seen Portability. Its small size, ultra light weight, and award winning patented modularity, allows for transport in the back of a car. Not many have the room for a boat and trailer, or the means to own a space on the water. With BomBoard’s unprecedented portability, they now have the freedom to ride whenever and wherever they like.

BomBoard Direct. The factory direct business model combines the best of internet marketing and local brand ambassadors, allowing the bypass of traditional dealers and providing a 15-25% cost advantage.

Wouldn’t these breakthrough innovations be a waste, if only the most affluent could afford them? At $3,995, this is the world’s lowest-cost, high-performance watercraft bar none. For the price of a monthly cell plan, customers can own a high-quality, high-performance thrill-machine. Now, tens of thousands of people who’ve never imagined affording a watercraft, suddenly can!

The BomBoard’s thrilling ride, unprecedented portability and blow away price point, will make it the enabling platform for a new action sport and lifestyle.

Products / Services

BomBoard Portable Action Watercraft

The BomBoard is a sleek, 165 lb personal watercraft (vs. 800+) that separates into 4 modules allowing one person to transport it with ease and without a trailer. The light weight allows riders to influence the ride using their body, similar to many existing board sports

The BomBoard is powered by a single cylinder, EFI controlled 4-stroke, 450cc engine producing 45hp, boasting a top speed of around 45 mph – feeling faster riding just inches above the water. Thanks to this engine’s stellar efficiency, the rider is able to have hours of fun for less than $5 (25% of avg. PWCs)

Not only is the BomBoard’s price tag of $3,995, literally a third of what traditional PWCs cost, but it is also the world’s lowest cost high-performance watercraft.

BomBoard won the NASA Tech Briefs 2015 Create the Future, Design Contest in the Consumer Products category. Winners of other categories included:

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Langley Research Center/Lockheed Martin



Chief Executive Officer
John West

John WestJohn West, a Carroll College graduate & KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year, founded BomBoard, developed the first prototypes and filed the first patents. He has the strategic vision and vast CEO experience – twice before, introducing breakthrough innovations.

John got his start with Numeridex, Inc. where he became the EVP and introduced the first microprocessor based numerical control programming terminal and grew Numeridex from $0.4M to $28M over eight years.

Next, John started Cimlinc, Inc. and was the Chairman & CEO up until its sale to Boeing. Cimlinc was the world’s first engineering workstation based on a mechanical CAD/CAM system and received $26M in venture capital from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) among others. Cimlinc grew from nothing to $35M in sales, with 280 employees, in just two years. John Doerr of KPCB was on the board of Cimlinc for 10 years.

Chief Operating Officer
Anders Stubkjaer

Anders StubkjaerAnders is a Wharton MBA/CPA and an experienced COO/CFO & Administrator of start-ups and mid-sized companies and now the COO/CFO of BomBoard. Prior to BomBoard, he was the COO/CFO of S&S Cycle where he led a successful turnaround of the power sports company that specializes in making engines and go-fast parts for American V-Twin bikes – Grew 40% over 3 years.

Prior to leading the successful turnaround at S&S, Anders was the CFO of a $700M division of publicly traded Spectrum Brands and a private equity sponsored firm that grew from nothing to $100M in just a few years while raising $30M in equity and mezzanine debt. Anders also spent a number of years as a management consultant to firms that ranged in size from $50M- $3B.

Senior Technology/Technologist
Dr. Britt Cobb

Dr. Britt CobbDr. Britt Cobb, with a BS, MS and PhD (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Florida, is the Director of Powertrain Integration and Development for BomBoard.

Britt’s engineering career began with a position in materials testing and vibration at Pratt Whitney Aircraft, then went on to co-found Design & Manufacturing Solutions (DMS). DMS developed, in cooperation with John Deere, many patented engine innovations, including the Compression Wave Injection System that received the Clean Air Technology of the Year Award from the EPA.

In 2004, Britt founded Cobb Design, specializing in small-engine technology and has since developed, patented, and licensed numerous fuel system improvements and small-engine management systems.

Some of Britt’s clients include:

Porsche Engineering
Bajaj India
Stihl Chain Saw

Director Marketing
Mike Cubberly

Mike CubberlyMike Cubberly, a DePaul University graduate, is BomBoard’s Director of Marketing. His heavy background in social media & content marketing – along with his love for action sports, propelled him into this role.

Mike has experience in many industries and has helped lead several teams to business success. A few of his notable experiences included being the Content Marketing/Demand Generation Manager at G3 Communications, a major, successful B2B content marketing agency and the Marketing/Operations Specialist for a large price tag, celebrity funded LA start-up.

Outside work, Mike is an avid extreme-sports fanatic. He’s been known to jump on anything that he could wrangle a thrill from, including BMX biking where in his early years he was considered a “semi-pro” in the industry.

Public Relations
Beatrice Davis

Beatrice DavisBeatrice, a board member of the motorsports clothing company, PZM, is a consultant with BomBoard as well as the head of her own company, Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. She has extensive experience in public relations, branding, social media promotions, entertainment, and event planning.

News / Links

Beatrice is also the branding and promotions manager for a number of speakers, actors/actresses, sports figures and healthcare professionals. Each, boasting their own successes due to her efforts.

Beatrice has extensive connections in the entertainment and sports industries, as she’s served as tour manager, entertainment coordinator and consultant for a variety of big names, including:

Dennis Rodman
Ray Charles
B.B. King
Liza Minnelli
Elton John
Will Smith
Ivana Trump
Dave Stuart
Emery Moorehead

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
John West

Chief Operating Officer
Anders Stubkjaer

Senior Technology/Technologist
Dr. Britt Cobb

Director Marketing
Mike Cubberly

Public Relations
Beatrice Davis

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