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Archived: ARS Support for Artsakh: The Armenian Relief Society, Inc. needs your help to support Armenia and Artsakh and help families of border villages under air and ground attacks

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ARS Support for Artsakh

From ARS Central Executive

 The ARS needs your help to support the people of Armenia and Artsakh, who are struggling to control the front lines and help the families of the border villages under air and ground attacks.

The Armenian Relief Society, Inc. (ARS) was founded in New York in 1910 and was known at the time as the Armenian Red Cross. Today, with entities in 26 countries and a membership of over 15,000, it is an independent, nonsecterian, philanthropic society serving the humanitarian, social and educational needs of Armenian and non-Armenians alike.

As an international humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. is a member of the United Nations, internationally advocating human rights, social justice and civil society.

The ARS maintains high ethical standards, fostering good fellowship. It initiates programs, such as kindergartens and summer camps, schools and scholarships. It promotes its members’ self educational and developmental goals, encouraging involvement in public service and participation in the activities of organizations whose principles are compatible with those of ARS.

After a century of service, the ARS’s global initiatives are stronger than ever, promoting education, health, humanitarian aid and empowering women.

“With the people, For the people”

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ARS Central Executive

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