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Apr 13, 2016 2:39 EST

Shannon Boat Company: Innovative Yachts for the Ageless Boater

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2016

Shannon Boat Company

Shannon Boat Company

Innovative Yachts for the Ageless Boater


  • 100% investment security in demo boat and molds
  • 15%-25% ROI based on proven historic performance
  • 3 Limited partnership investment options


I started Shannon Boat Company in 1975 in order to address what I believed to be a growing market for customized fiberglass yachts tailored to their owner’s needs. At the time and still to this day, the vast majority of production boats are built on an assembly line and owners were left with little say in the features and very few options. Prior to 1975, I was working my way through college at boatyards in New York and Connecticut and I noticed that large part of the yard revenue was generated from customizing the one-size-fits-all production yacht with a variety of aftermarket parts and constructions. Shannon began with a “semi-custom” offering that used Shannon stock hulls and decks but then not only “building in” owner choices but also “building out” things owners were not happy with on their last boat. The company is known internationally for building high-quality yachts; both power and sail, for discriminating owners.

Shannon is set apart from the competition by the very nature of its building and selling methods. Most boat manufacturers, in order to remain competitive, are forced to operate on a “production run” basis. This requires producing identical boats of each model without variance or modification. Any deviance from the static design results in an increase in the cost. In addition, in order to keep the profit margin high the production run must also be high, resulting in boats that are designed and built only for generic ages, tastes and needs. This production boat business paradigm precludes a timely response to changing market demands. Shannon, with its limited low-volume building of customizable yachts, has risen above this business model.Over the past forty years, $170 million worth of Shannons have been built each reflecting its owner’s individual tastes and dreams. All of this has been done with a cost-effective skilled American labor force deeply invested in the success of each boat.

Shannon’s keys to success are now and always have been an ability to quickly respond to unique niche markets, trend changes, the culture of the discerning yacht customers and an ability to produce high-quality competitively priced yachts always with an eye towards the future of recreational boating.With regard to the latter, Shannon has been on the leading edge of nearly all major boating advances including design, new construction materials, electronics, equipment, bow thrusters, sail handling and diesel fuel economy; implementing these features much in advance of competitors.As president of Shannon, I have patented four revolutionary inventions ranging from power boat hull design to sail roller furling devices.

Today, Shannon is once again poised to capitalize on a new, expanding niche market in the recreational boat industry; the ageing of the baby boomer generation.



Walter Schulz

Walter Schulz

President at Shannon Yachts

Walt Schulz is President of Shannon Boat Company, the company he founded in 1975 to design and build the Shannon brand of blue-water sail and power yachts. As a hands-on president, Schulz oversees engineering and production, and participates in the company’s sales, technologies, marketing, accounting and administration. Every Shannon ever built has been designed, launched, and sea-trialed exclusively by Schulz. Schulz has an unrivaled reputation for producing yachts of a consistently high quality and whose focus on safety, sea-worthiness and quality of construction has made Shannon the leading brand of off-shore yachts for over three decades. He is recognized as a design and engineering innovator and has received four marine-related U.S. Patents for his work. Schulz was born and raised in the New York metropolitan area and he spent his summers working in the boatyards that once lined the Hudson River in order to finance his college education. He received impromptu training in electrical and mechanical engineering, engine repair and delivery work. After finishing his education, his repair expertise led to a service manager position at a boat yard in Stamford, Connecticut. There he commissioned many different types of fiberglass and wood boats, but his real dream of designing and building his own line of yachts soon began to take shape. In 1974, Schulz apprenticed with a local naval architect, George Stadel, and the result of his work, a 38’ ketch, launched the Shannon brand in October of 1975 with its debut at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Schulz has since designed over twenty Shannon sail and power models. Over 400 Shannons have been built and sailing the globe, and Schulz himself tries to sail 1000 miles a year offshore on his own designs to keep abreast of industry developments. After over four decades in the marine industry Schulz is a recognized leader and expert. He has written numerous articles that have been published in various yachting magazines over the years, has been a keynote speaker at many trade, professional, and community agencies, and has provided consulting services for marine related projects. He is currently finishing his first book, a guide to boat ownership and repair, which is expected to be released in 2016.
William Ramos

William Ramos

Vice President Sales

Knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of yacht sales, construction service, and operations30 years at Shannon


Contact Information:

William Ramos
Walter Schulz

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