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Apr 11, 2016 3:08 EST

RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC: Bringing Biosolutions to the Value Stream

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 11, 2016

RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC

RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC

Bringing Biosolutions to the Value Stream


  • Tenant (RRDA, LLC Partner) has a 99 year lease with option to buy
  • RRDA, LLC Tenant is completing negotiating lease with a lease purchase
  • The tenant is uniquely positioned competitively to lead market sales


The Real Estate Investment:

The initial investment to fund is the purchase of 20 acres of Real Estate as well as development work to be completed prior to the start of construction. The project site will be located next to a railroad spur with access for tanker cars and a siding capacity between 14 to 21 cars. The opposite side of the site access will be configured for trucks supplying plant material for processing and those picking up the completed products for the buyers. This build to suite project is for a specific client whose business is the conversion of plant material/biomass into the raw material used in various manufacturing products. RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC has a lease agreement, for the tenant, in place document attached for your review.

The funds will be utilized in the development and completion of the project site work, project design and working documents, equipment orders, operations and management, plan marketing, and execution of the supply and buy agreements. These funds go to finalizing joint venture concessions with end users and the tenant to centrally acquire all incoming material to operate the process efficiently. The project schedule has the facility slated to be operational within nine months from the start of construction. The initial site location is in Toombs County, Georgia. This initial fund request is for a minimum of $1 million (MM) raise. The total project development (first plant) and operation cost including the building, all site work and equipment is $37 MM.

The Investment Manufacturing Process:

This Tenants business is dynamic and a 100% green investment that enable investors to achieve returns normally reserved for only major Wall Street investors. The tenants product output from the process includes lignin and various sugars, which are all usable in manufacturing a broad array of industrial and commercial products. As a result of the type of material processed through the plant and the site being purchased, our business model mitigates the risks associated with commodity-pricing fluctuations that can be experienced in traditional processing operations. The advantages this tenants operation compared to the competition include: proven track record of results with 8 years of successful testing and programing, ability to handle multiple types of input materials at the same time in the process, and plant material conversion in our process is 10 to 20 times quicker than that of the competition. The tenants process is further unique in its ability to produce raw material to a clients specifications rather than just one type of product. Delivery to customers on a national and international level will be by rail car and/or truck.

Moving Forward:

RRDA’s tenant uses technology that allows production to grow at a rate necessary to meet industry demand. The tenants primary objective after securing funding is to lease/purchase the land for the plant location at a selected 20-acre plus site in Toombs County, Georgia and to complete negotiations covering the long-term agreements related to the feedstock from the nearby farms. The Community will benefit directly with the addition of 45 direct jobs and 75 indirect jobs. This land investment has a projected ROI of 20% annually with purchase from the tenant after 5 years. This investment will require a minimum raise of $1MM.


As Developer, RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC is in negotiations for a 99 year lease from the manufacture company that will develop the site for there business. The development of the site includes: 20+ acres, will have a rail spur to one side adjacent to the plant that will permit the tenant to store 21 tanker cars at 260,000 lbs/per car. The opposite side of the site will provide vehicular access for both supply trucks and tanker trucks for material pick up and delivery. The site provides for plant expansion. The plant is 150,000 +/- sf. The plant will house all of the tenant’s material handling, processing and storage equipment. It will include a laboratory for testing, quality control and for the development of new products and services for the tenants clients.


James H Voyles III

James H Voyles III

Managing Director/CEO

Co-Founder of RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC in 2016, serving as a Managing Director and CEO for the Company. Expertise in strategic planning for projects, asset management, real estate development, operations and construction, meeting ROI and corporate objectives even in shifting markets. Support national | international investment management institutions and entrepreneurial development companies. Manage projects | consultant teams in development and repositioning of assets. Implement Real Estate and project management strategies by partnering with leadership and deploying value engineering, cost control initiatives and strong negotiating skills while developing and leading high performance teams.
Phillip Crenshaw

Phillip Crenshaw

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Co-Founder of BioMaterials Development, LLC in 2016, Serving as a Managing Partner and Chief Administrator Office and General Council. Experienced attorney having spent over 35 plus years practicing law with a focus on business development and trials. Business expertise covering consultation in operations and legal relationships including liability protection. Developed extensive experience in both patent and trade secret protection techniques with a wide-rang experience in the operation of Municipal solid waste recycling plants site development. Consultative position in the development, operations of and economic benefit of waste recycling for North and South American businesses and municipalities. Phil serves as the company’s general counsel, providing sales management support, develop, and review of contacts, assist in negotiations.


Alex R. Gimenez

Alex R. Gimenez

VP Corporate and Business Development

VP Corporate and Business Development for RRDA BioMaterials Development, LLC serving on the management team and key contact with 25 five years of US and international experience in operational, logistics, sales, and business development roles at Apple Inc., The Home Depot, HD Supply and CHEP USA. Value chain expertise is demand generation, distribution, material handling, business architecture, and continuous process improvement. Graduate of Florida International University with a degree in international business and is a Six Sigma Certified Green Belt, Fluent in Spanish.
Ronald Barnes

Ronald Barnes

VP of Technology

VP of Technology and Partner in RRDA Biomaterials Development, LLC., in 2016 serving on the management of the company. Ron has consulted with fortune 500 companies for 20+ years like AT&T, Philip Morris, American Express, Target, KPMG and PriceWaterhouse and others. His specialization is in financial areas of HR, Payroll, Taxes, inventory and customer order entry systems. Ron’s technology expertise relates to integrating financial program work in the securities, retirement planning, and training new employees in devising marketing plans and establishment of good accounting and sales tracking systems. He has certifications and ratings in Series 7 and 66 SEC and FINRA and Six Sigma Green Belt certificates.
Contact Information:

James H Voyles III
Phillip Crenshaw

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