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Apr 11, 2016 4:02 PM ET

Archived: Festlove: A music based app that notifies the user on events based on their musical preferences and distance

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 11, 2016

FestLove – Festlove


About a year ago I was on the train to London to do some shopping when a group of young guys and girls were about to get off at the next stop to go to a music festival. The festival that last year everybody was talking about how crazy it was! Then it hit me why didn’t I know about this!?

I asked around and similar things happen to people all the time, your favorite DJ is playing and you missed it or your favorite Artist was in town and you never knew or tickets sold out because you found out too late…… introducing Festlove!

If you love your music its defiantly the app for you Festlove is a music based app that notifies the user on events based on their musical preferences and distance. These events range from music festivals, concerts, DJ sets The user can set their radius from local, regional, nationwide and even continent wide for the music lover who is willing to travel to see their beloved artists.

Users get suggestions on events, artists, concerts etc keeping them “always in the know” whilst chatting and socializing with other users…but only if you have a common interest! if you like the same artists, genres or attending the same event!

What makes this app so unique

  • It gives you suggestions based on your preferences keeping you Always in the Know!
  • Its unique social tool you can only chat, like and socialize with people with a common interest i.e like the same artist or are attending the same event.
  • Its range! if your’e a real music or festival junkie get notified on the great events around the globe

Why we need your support

  • Complete Development
  • Marketing
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