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Apr 8, 2016 3:48 PM ET

Archived: Unite on the Swan: Imagine 3,200 passionate West Australian paddlers rafting up together in a mass of amazing colour on the Swan River to break a Guinness World Record – and raising money for Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2016

Unite on the Swan

By Leonie Cockman, Rosalie Evans and Matthew Cowan.

The story of the project

This is a community event that is raising money for charity. You pledge (promise) to donate an amount $ of your choice. Your pledge amount is processed if we reach the target of $5000.00
1. Click the PLEDGE NOW button
2. tick anonymous to public if you want privacy – SCROLL DOWN to
3. ‘Choose Your Reward’ (choose 1 of 7 rewards) – SCROLL DOWN
4. sign up to pozible with full name, email address and password you create – NEXT
5. complete payment details section – ALL DONE
6. Pozible sends you a confirmation email

If you are entering the event (ie joining us on the Swan) choose a ticket reward.
There are three Entrance Zones (i.e. Ticket rewards) to choose from. Your ticket confirmation is your email confirmation of your pledge.

If you are entering as a group or pair, manually calculate how much your pledge should be or decide on a greater amount to donate. Choose the Entrance Zone, change the donation amount.  During the process there will be an opportunity to write emergency contact details and names of people in your group or pair.

Imagine 3,200 passionate West Australian paddlers rafting up together in a mass of amazing colour on the Swan River to break a Guinness World Record?

‘Unite on the Swan’’, a fantastic initiative co-created by Canoeing Western Australia and Water Wanderers kayaking in Perth, is an attempt to make this happen on Sunday April 10, 2016!

The largest raft of canoes, kayaks and skis consists of 3,150 craft and was achieved by One Square Mile of Hope in Inlet, New York, USA, on 13 September 2014.

As well as attempting to break the world record for the largest raft of canoes, kayaks and skis, UNITE ON THE SWAN’s goal is also to raise over $32,000 for the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief – with 100% of proceeds from ticket registrations being donated to support the victims of the Waroona and District Fires 2016.

Choose one of three  Entry Zone Rewards to get your event ticket

It will be an early Sunday morning paddle with rafting starting at 7.30 am. Bring some snacks and drinks and take the time for a chat. Corralling 3,200 people is going to take some doing.

This world record attempt will really capture the spirit, enthusiasm and fun of paddling in WA. Who better than outdoor loving West Australian paddlers, competitive and recreational alike, to step up to the plate to attempt to break this world record?

Event details www.uniteontheswan.org.au

As well as being a huge event to promote paddle sports as a positive life changing physical activity, Unite on the Swan will demonstrate how our community can come together to support others in the state in their time of need.

Be a part of this incredible, memorable event on Sunday April 10 on the beautiful Swan River in front of the majestic Perth city

Access the designated location from various surrounding zones, depending on your transportation and paddling requirements. Set out on your kayak, ski or canoe, glide on the diamond waters with your family and friends, and raft up with a mass of other paddlers in front of Perth City.

Experienced volunteers and guides will be on hand with any questions you may have on the way. When everyone has rafted up, you will be featured in an amazing never-before-seen photo in our fair city! This day will also be a chance to have a chat with old friends, make new ones, and take in sensational views from a very special perspective on Perth’s doorstep.

Need a kayak or ski? Choose our donation reward “A Kayak and Gear”. Craft available for a donation are limited, book early.

If you have a paddling craft and are based in WA, take the opportunity to make history.

Register for UNITE ON THE SWAN Today.

How the funds will be used

In early January this year (2016) the communities of Yarloop, Waroona and surrounding areas were impacted by a devastating fire.

It’s not been a good start to the year for this community. At least 121 homes were completely destroyed, 2 people died and there is a lot of damage to properties and wildlife

Money raised from this event will be used to distribute financial assistance, to people affected by the fires in the Shires of Waroona and Harvey. Your contributions will go to the Lord Mayor District Relief Fund (LMDRF) Waroona and District Fires Appeal. The LMDRF has seven categories of assistance, including for the next of kin of those who died, and for those people who suffered property loss or damage, including rural properties.

100% of proceeds from ticket registrations, kayak bookings and experience rewards will be donated to support the victims of the Waroona and District Fires 2016.

For the Post Card Prints a small amount of donated money will be used for creating and printing the post cards. When we know the amount we will tell you exactly how much funds are required. We will include a note when we mail your postcard set to you.

Project Team

Leonie Cockman

Perth, AU Message Supported 0 Projects

Water Wanderers provides kayak tours in and around Perth on the Swan River. We paddle the scenic Perth estuary, tranquil Ascot Waters, Historic Guildford and more…from daylight to sunset…We kayak through all four seasons and cater for amateurs to experts.
It is a unique experience for travellers and locals, to be paddling in front of a major city on a huge expansive river area and there is just us. Imagine if we could fill this with kayaks.

Matt Cowan had found some information about One Square Mile of Hope. It looked impressive. I could see the concept would work magically in front of our beautiful city. Matt had set the seed in my head. I mentioned it to Rosalie a friend and EO of Canoeing WA As it happened they had already done some research and were super keen too. The Unite on the Swan team was born

If you think it’s a good idea but that many craft, really! Have a look at the One Square Mile of Hope slow motion video. Its fantastic and we too can do this.

Being able to raise money for a local community that has had a rotten start to the year is the icing on the cake. Really hope we are successful in raising the money and setting a new record

Rosalie Evans

Perth, AU Message Supported 0 Projects

Canoeing Western Australia is the peak paddling body in WA with twelve Clubs situated in both the metro and regional areas and within these Clubs we have over 2,000 members.
Although we recognise that there are many keen paddlers in WA that we do not engage with and we thought this was an ideal opportunity to get out into wider community and connect with them.
To make this truly worthwhile we felt that the recent fires down South had seen fellow West Australians needing assistance and this was a great way of doing something for them.
It was also an opportunity to showcase our City and try and beat the record that is held by the USA with the most amount of paddle craft rafted up in one place.

Matthew Cowan

Perth, AU Message Supported 1 Projects

Matt is the Founder and Director of boutique PR/marketing communication firm Cowan & Partners. Matt and his team work to turn their clients’ businesses into ‘hero brands.’

Matt works closely with Leonie Cockman (proprietor and principal head kayaking instructor) on social media support, content development, copywriting, graphic design, promotions and video production for her outstanding Perth kayak touring company.

‘Unite on the Swan’ was born out of Leonie’s discussions with both Matt and Rosalie Evans (Executive Officer of Canoeing WA) in an effort to create an inspirational event involving all participants with a paddle craft in the state.

Contact Information:

Leonie Cockman

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