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Apr 8, 2016 6:02 PM ET


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With this project I hope to publish the first book of a Saga Freedom Conquerors, named European Rebels, for Capital Books publisher with a proposal of 600€.

In a not far way future, one man with his greed conquers the world with fire and blood, the he makes us live under a slavery dictatorship, we bow to his will, there is no where to run away but the Space, and the only ones who knows how to get there is the Rebels!

And they always came with two options, go and leave alone in peace or stay and fight to free what is yours from the clutches of tyranny!

Mira and Loba are two sisters who insisted in staying and fight for what they believe, in a time that it is everyone for itself they will prove that family and friendship are worth fighting for. But should they trust blindly in the blood and friendship bounds,or that way of thinking will bring them many bitterness?

I can promised you a story full of action,  adventure, drama and romance in a book filled with emotions

Help me making this a real bookhelp me to give to know this story.


My name is Jay Luís, and I writte sinceramente I was nine years old and this is the result of that effort, an incredible story with strong warrior but sensitive weman. And the bound of family and friendship ties.

Helping me with this campaign I had Lily Heavens, Tony Liebs, Robert Criesler, Millie Arc and Esmeralda Dias,  but they are the characters of another’storys that I have.

They will Invest in me, would you?


The 600€ is for the publisher and the 5% plus IVA for PPL.

In four to five months I hope having the first books in my hand and the date for the Official Launch set, time when I’ll sent you the rewards.


Contact Information:

Joana Luís

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