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Apr 7, 2016 3:47 PM ET

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology: Aleader of Near Zero Carbon (NZC) Greenhouse technology

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2016

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology LL

Sahuarita, AZ 85629, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology (SEAT) is a leader of Near Zero Carbon (NZC) Greenhouse technology. Our vision is to redefine the Consumer Green market developing innovative technology for agriculture and other processes.

SEAT was founded by Ashoke Bose, a former IBM Senior Manager, in 2014. Driven by his passion for renewables and agriculture, he applied for an USDA grant award that was successfully achieved last October 2014.

Currently, SEAT LLC is building its first solar powered Greenhouse in Sahuarita, Arizona (USA). Through the Near Zero Carbon Technology (NZC), SEAT plans to grow produce that will have almost no carbon footprint, this way, acquiring the best of both worlds: taking care for the environment while growing high quality foods.

This is the way we plan to redefine the “consumer fresh” market: high quality produce + environmentally friendly technology + affordable prices. In addition to this formula, one of SEAT’s project plans is to distribute vegetables directly from business to consumer, that way reducing warehouse, transportation and marketing costs, which is also traduced in lower prices and reduction of carbon footprint.

Products / Services

Clean technologies/Fresh high-quality vegetables

Through our Near Zero Carbon (NZC) technology (Patent pending), we plan to:

– Redefine the “consumer fresh” market
– Grow high quality produce at reduced operating costs.
– Eliminate any diesel or propane based heating source by Solar PV based energy source.
– Deploy Phase Change Material (PCM) based Thermal Energy System to reduce the peak load.

Provide Near Zero Carbon (NZC) Emission Greenhouse Technology Consulting Service

SEAT plans to provide NZC Technical Consulting services to USA, Asia and Africa based conventional Greenhouse operators to reduce operational cost and lower carbon footprint.

In addition, SEAT will grow and market NZC produce in USA directly to consumers and high end restaurants.


President Research & Development
Ashoke Bose

Ashoke BosePassionate about creating innovative products and solutions, and marketing them in global market.
Educated at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, McGill University, Montreal and The University of Arizona, USA.

At present, focused on building innovative market research and marketing platform in web (, and building Near Zero Carbon (NZC) greenhouse in Arizona.

Started career in Academic Computing and then at Social and Behavioral Science Research Institute (SBSRI) at the University Arizona; provided internet mail interface for US Army in the early 90’s and exposure to government contracting, and founded Communication Software Inc. (1991), Bose International Investment Fund, LLC (1999).and AskNshare, LLC (2012) and SEAT (2014). Developed innovative storage virtualization solutions at IBM China as Senior Development Manager (2007-2014).

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Contact Information:

President Research & Development
Ashoke Bose

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