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Archived: AIO Smart Sleeve – Activity Tracking Compression Sleeve: The AIO (All In One) Sleeve is the very first activity tracking and health monitoring device integrated into a specially designed compression sleeve

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AIO Smart Sleeve | Activity Tracking Compression Sleeve

by Komodo Technologies, Inc.


World’s first activity tracking and medical monitoring compression sleeve.

About this project

 Comfort Meets Latest Wearable Technology

Made with thin, breathable antimicrobial fabric
Made with thin, breathable antimicrobial fabric

 AIO – The First Wearable Of It’s Kind

The AIO (All In One) Sleeve is the very first activity tracking and health monitoring device integrated into a specially designed compression sleeve. 

Unsatisfied with the current market of activity tracking wristbands due to inaccuracy of reporting and obtrusive design, the AIO Sleeve is designed using thin, breathable polycarbonantimicrobial material. Such an approach allows the sleeve to hug the skin which pushes the device’s sensors closer to it. This improves the reporting quality of your daily activity.

We came up with the idea of placing a tiny device with a wide range of monitoring capabilities on the inside of the sleeve. We found a way to place it so that the device is unnoticeable and doesn’t get in the way.

After months of testing (both in the lab and in the gym) we concluded that the forearm was the best spot to place the device, based on accuracy of the information it reports and comfort while working out.

 Get To Know Yourself

Let the AIO be a part of your every day life! Whether it’s monitoring your stress levels at work, your activity in the gym, or your quality of sleep at night, the AIO Sleeve can best tell you about your own body.

The many features include:

  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • ECG (Continuous Electrocardiogram)
  • Step counter
  • Distance
  • MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task)
  • Sleep analysis

Accelerometer – 12-bit 3-axis accelerometer provides close to 100 samples per second. This results in the most accurate reading of sleep behaviour and physical activity.

Internal Memory – 2MB of RAM allows to store data even when Bluetooth connection can not be established. Data from device can be downloaded at any time.

Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) – MET measure the amount of energy one exerts when performing a particular activity. Whereas calories can measure how much you have burned during a period of time, MET tells us how active you were AT a particular point in time. This way you will know when you need to step up your game!

Not only will AIO give you complete information about your body, next generation sleeves will be able to tell you about the environment around you and how certain conditions affect your workout and daily routine. Next Gen models will be able to analyze barometric pressure, UV activity, air quality, and Blood Oxygene levels.

AIO securely connects to your smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The device reports the crucial information to the AIO app using AES encryption channel. 


 The AIO M.D has all of the features of the original AIO, plus an Electrocardiogram (ECG) Sensor so you can monitor your Heart Rate in real time. History is saved on the app so you can view trends over time.


How Does ECG Work?

ECG measures the electrical activity of your heart as it contracts and blood travels through the ventricles. 

In order to obtain a proper reading, sensors must be placed on 2 points of your body that are far enough apart. This is why continuous ECG monitoring will NEVER work on your standard activity bracelet. Our device uses 2 electrodes, one located on the wrist where the device is, and the other point is on the inside of the bicep. Each electrode is connected to the AIO device via conductive nano trace. And Yes! we made this sleeve washable!

Who Cares?

Electrocardiogram can tell us a lot about the health and overall condition of our heart. But we’ve never been able to get this information without having  to visit your doctor. Well now you can!So what can it tell us:

  • Heart irregularity 
  • Stress

We are currently working on an algorithm that will show users their level of stress.

We have two different fabrics:

   1. Polyester Lycra Blend (standard compression sleeve material)

   2. In house breathable, antimicrobial Polycarbon Fabric

Hardware Design

Our goal was to create hardware that was small enough to conveniently fit inside a compression sleeve and not compromise mobility while performing daily activities. Mission accomplished! 

In addition, the modular design allows users to extend the features and capabilities of the AIO. This can include extra battery attachment (as shown below) and attachments with different types of sensors (future development).


Below are all of the components used to create the optimal size of the AIO core unit

 No More Complicated Apps

Are you tired of apps that just show you a bunch of scattered information without telling you what it means? Our app will analyze the data and present it to you in a way that you can understand. Simplicity and efficiency is key!

 project video thumbnail

We want to have a minimum number of pages, but optimal content.

App will be available for both Android and IOS

ECG Testing

ECG Testing

The entire project has been developed with openness in mind. The device firmware is based on FreeRTOS. This makes it easier for developers to configure additional firmware components.

The device  in it’s foundation is “sensor-agnostic electronic platform” capable by accepting raw data from a wide range of analog and digital sensors. For developers it has additional SPI interface, USB interface as well as Bluetooth Over The Air firmware upgrade mode. SPI interface enables to extend device functionality by implementing any MEMS sensor as well as LED or OLED displays. 

We welcome developers to use their creativity and eventually help people  to know themselves better and live healthy life.


Risks and challenges

Planning production and attaining the appropriate certification are things that we have already gone through with our previous product. However, given the complexity of this wearable, our main challenge will be to ensure that the nano trace which provides the ECG reading functions properly. Because this approach has not been entertained in the past, We need to prepare for any obstacles associated with the production process.

It’s impossible to prepare for EVERYTHING. We have to be prepared for anything that comes our way which also means being transparent about the entire process. The backers are what make this project possible so our only obligation is to report to them as accurately as possible and in a timely fashion. We are an honest team and want nothing more that to see people wearing the AIO Sleeve and we will do what we can to ensure that goals by August.

Contact Information:

Komodo Technologies, Inc.

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