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Apr 6, 2016 2:15 PM ET

Archived: Scribble LLC – The World Is Your Palette: Our unique color-picker pens define the word innovative

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016

Scribble LLC

The World Is Your Palette.


Our unique color-picker pens define the word innovative.  Just find a color – anywhere – that you want to replicate, point, and click.  The color is now yours forever, and ready for easy transcription on a variety of surfaces.

For serious artists, makeup lovers, color deficient people, and just those who like to doodle, Scribble is a game changer.  Join us for this Internet of Things (IoT) revolution!


Along with candy and action figures, crayons are quite the status symbol when you’re a kid.  Get your hands on the largest box, supplement your stash with some exotic hard-to-find colors – and suddenly you’re a rockstar.

Oh, if it were only still that simple.  Now however, the real world is upon us, and we’re trying to get stuff done.  The age of efficiency and instant gratification is here.  For any professional, getting more done with less is now placed at a premium as we try to keep up efficiently in an increasingly competitive world.

Getting back to the color reference, identification and replication are extremely difficult with the seemingly endless number of shades that exist.  People in all walks of life – from painters to makeup artists to the color deficient – run into a variety of issues when trying to identify and use a precise color.


What was once viewed as impossible is now a reality with Scribble and its revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

From your dog’s fur to a breathtaking shade of the sunset, our color-picker pens are capable of matching the color from any object around you.  This precise color is selected and stored, and can then be used to draw on paper or a tablet of your choice.  The applications are as widespread as your imagination…but for now we’ve identified three specific and world-changing solutions:

For artists…one pen does it all!  Inspiration often strikes at the oddest of times for an artist; many times when he or she isn’t properly equipped.  Often, it’s impossible to gain access to that ideal color combination when you need it most.  With Scribble, any color is quickly replicated and saved for use on a variety of platforms.  Consider your creativity unleashed!

For makeup…a foundation for perfection!  Wearing the wrong foundation shade is a huge burden when applying makeup.  However, a simple point and click of the Scribble pen identifies and captures your perfect foundation color every time – even through online retail.  This saves makeup companies millions in returns and refunds – and gets you back to being beautiful.

For the color deficient…a new day is here!  In the US alone, 7% of the male population is either color vision deficient or color blind.  Now, there’s finally a way to differentiate colors for those who need assistance.  The Scribble pen captures the color of the person’s choosing, which is then sent to the mobile app and identified.


Executing on groundbreaking IoT technology, Scribble has created color picker pens capable of capturing, storing, and using any color out there in the world.  But what are the key features, and how do they do it?  Your answers are here:

  • A simple storage process.  To select and store a color, just point and click the pen.  A sensor then sends a code to the core of the pen – and boom – your color is stored.

  • How the color is transcribed.  Much like with a printer, 5 base ink cartridges access the stored information and dispense the proper number of droplets.  The result is your selected color, ready for drawing.  The whole process only takes 5 seconds.
  • Multi-surface applications.  We offer two different pens: the Scribble Smart Pen  (ink-based; for drawing on paper) and the Scribble Smart Stylus  (stylus-based; for drawing on tablets).

  • Versatile drawing options.  We provide multiple pen tips for both models that can be easily switched out.  These tips allow users to adjust both the thickness and texture of the draw – from a fine-point tip to a full paint brush.
  • App support.  The Scribble App allows for additional storage via Bluetooth and also contains a color storage library – for naming, organizing, and sharing colors.  There’s also a chat feature that’s ideal for project collaboration.

  • Easy syncing.  Art pros can easily sync Scribble to Adobe Photoshop and Corel – using Bluetooth for a tablet and a USB port for a standard computer.

Check out some of the impressive accomplishments we’ve had so far that have gotten us to this point:

  • Sales and registration traction.  There are over 50,000 registered Scribblers to date.  Via crowdfunding campaigns, $500,000 worth of merchandise was pre-sold.
  • Intellectual property.  Non-provisional patents were officially filed with the US Patent Office in May 2015.
  • Establishing big contacts.  Scribble has been contacted for opportunities with L’Oreal, Avon, and All American Makers, as well as ABC’s Shark Tank and countless other Direct TV channels.

  • Gaining press momentum.  NBC News, UK’s Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post are just a few of the big-name media outlets that have run stories on Scribble.


We can feel your excitement emanating through the computer screen!  To find out more, please request access to the private side of our Fundable profile and see what we’re up to next.


At Scribble, we aren’t just a group of techies with a pipe dream of an idea.  We’re an established, experience team with legitimate and innovative products that are ready to hit the market.  And, we have very strong international ties.  Here’s a little more about us!

Ral Ozoemenam – CEO
Ral served in a variety of high profile tech-related roles.  Most notably, he was in charge of management and development of a highly successful software company that was acquired by a competitor.  As CEO, Ral is directly responsible for marketing, sales, strategic direction, personnel, and creation of company culture.

Steven Wang – Co Founder & CTO
Steven has developed a broad international network over his career as a mechanical designer and project manager – working with multinational companies in Europe, Japan, and the US (18 years total).  As CTO, he’s responsible for the company’s technical vision and product roadmap.

Supporting Executive Team
Four other team members help guide us through engineering, design, and production.  They are VP of Production Kai Li, VP of Engineering Yihai Wang,Senior Industrial Designer Yuankuo Xu, and Lead Software Engineer Hui Yang.



Contact Information:

Ral Ozoemenam – CEO
Steven Wang – Co Founder & CTO

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