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Apr 6, 2016 7:29 AM ET

Archived: NERD Beverage Corporation: NERD is a mental focus beverage that has a proven track record with sales that have hit over $1M per year in one market. It has great taste.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016

NERD Beverage Corporation

Roanoke, VA 24011, US
Consumer Products

NERD is a mental focus beverage that has a proven track record with sales that have hit over $1M per year in one market. It has great taste.
“I formulated NERD Focus Beverage to help me study, focus and stay alert in class” Vin Montes, founder

NERD Beverage was founded by a young college student trying to get into medical school. His biochemistry professor and he developed a formula designed to help students focus, stay alert and have more mental acuity, Not just caffeine and sugar, the drink has natural ingredients that help the brain function, enhance memory, and stay focused. (The name “NERD” is copyright protected for beverage and is highly sought after.)

According to the National Marketing Institute (NMI), 71% of adults are concerned about memory loss and cognitive function; or 168 million people in the US.
People are looking for ways to address these concerns; including vitamins, cell therapy and now NERD. a great tasting, inexpensive product… a natural “focus” beverage.

In 2012 this market was $65.8 billion and is projected to grow to $84 billion by 2015. Coca Cola just purchased 17% of Monster for $2B.

Over the past several years NERD has been able to overcome adversity and is now poised for growth with the infusion of capital. The board has decided it is time to raise major capital so that we don’t run out of product and can grow. The biggest complaint about the NERD Brand is when and where can I get more.

We have a great management team, great margins for profitability and a sales plan developed by and ready to be implemented by former PepsiCo executives.

“It’s been exciting working with the Nerd Focus brand. They have created a brand identity and consumer loyalty that all consumer products desire. I think Nerd Focus has an opportunity to create a new beverage category: mental acuity. To put that into perspective, Gatorade, Red Bull and 5-hour Energy also created new beverage categories. ”
Gary Levzow, Former Executive VP PepsiCo
– NERD has a great story and great product.
-NERD has a proven sales history (over $1M per year)
-NERD has competitive margins (58%)
– NERD has proven leadership and a ready-to-go sales strategy and team.
– NERD needs production ca

Products / Services

NERD Focus Beverage

NERD’s unique and proprietary blend of ingredients is above and beyond the “amped” up energy drinks loaded in caffeine and sugars; which often have medicinal and even foul tastes. NERD tastes great, is all natural and is the leader in what is now a new brand category of beverages called “focus”. A carbonated beverage made with natural spring water that increases mental acuity, tastes great and has a fun, iridescent and phosphorous green color gives NERD the winning combination.

A 12 ounce can of NERD contains 250mg focus/memory proprietary formula of these 4 key ingredients. It comes in regular and zero calorie flavors.


Chief Executive Officer
Martin Hellkamp

Martin HellkampMartin Hellkamp has been in executive management since early 1980 and has successfully built and managed companies until successful exit strategies were exercised. With a strong background in SW Virginia entrepreneurial start-ups and creating successful business models, Mr. Hellkamp brings the management skills to maintain the grass roots nature of NERD while infusing corporate efficiency with strong networks to create high sales volumes quickly. Skilled in management, corporate building, communication and taking an organization from an idea to successful implementation.

Senior Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Otto Vinicio Montes (Vin)

Otto Vinicio Montes (Vin)Vin has a special awareness of how college and university markets function. Founding NERD was a result of this awareness. He understands the challenges that face students and the need to stay focused and aware. Vin formulated the unique focus beverage to function as well as taste good.

As the founder, Vin’s strength lies in his enthusiasm and charisma and his ability to relate. His background in bio-chemistry and medicine also gives him an edge for product development and managing the production of the product.


Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
Martin Hellkamp

Senior Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Otto Vinicio Montes (Vin)

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