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Apr 6, 2016 2:43 PM ET

Archived: EnergyPro Global/Industrial GlobalWorks II: Energy Optimization for the World’s Largest Industrials

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016

EnergyPro Global/Industrial GlobalWorks II

Houston / Saint Louis, MO 63114, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

Energy Optimization for the World’s Largest Industrials.

Energy Pro-Global and its affiliate the Industrial Global Works II (“the Company”) is a leader in the untapped industrial energy productivity, efficiency and infrastructure sector.

The Company platform will develop, finance, implement and own energy and productivity improvement projects inside large industrial manufacturing plants. For over 20 years the firm has established strong competitive advantages, including a sound understanding of the market, a platform to implement robust technology, systems, manpower resources and deep industry relationships. The Company has a current pipeline of business in excess of $150 million US.

Market Opportunity:
Energy-intensive manufacturers account for one-third of all energy consumed globally. These manufacturers consist of refining, chemical, steel, aluminum and forest products industries. These manufacturing processes require more resources to be competitive.

What energy intensive industries require are:

i) third-party entities such as Energy Pro-Global to provide many resources manufacturers don’t have including financing to develop capital projects with quick paybacks;

ii) a financial infrastructure willing to provide a “new” type of capital, one based upon increased cash flow from the equipment improvements and not cumbersome guarantees from the manufacturer.

A Two-Fold Financial Payback to Investors:

Private investment into this sector creates increased cash flow from the new plant improvements.The increased cash flow is generated not only from energy efficiency improvements but a corresponding improvement in productivity. Industrial productivity drives energy efficiency and energy efficiency improves productivity. Consequently investments generate two-fold paybacks to investors: One payback from energy efficiency, environmental improvements and emissions credits and another payback from productivity/yield improvements.

How to Begin:

Investment opportunity begins with a first project; one of a portfolio under contract totaling $150 million. These projects will be implemented inside the plant of one of the world’s largest energy-intensive industrial manufacturers .

Products / Services

Energy Optimization for the World’s Largest Industrials

Energy Optimization for the World’s Largest Industrials

Energy Pro-Global, “The Company”, delivers a fully integrated methodology that aggregates, develops, finances and owns energy and productivity improvement projects inside large industrial manufacturing plants.

EP’s “Proprietary IT” package quantifies the amount of energy savings achieved in a particular facility. Energy Pro’s software creates models of the energy usage throughout the facility. Named the “Enterprise Optimization Models” (EOM), it is based upon the statistical analytics of as many as 150 variables collected using professional engineering, operational and analytic principles.

Result: Manufacturers using Energy Pro’s Technology are 10% more efficient in managing energy than industrials that don’t.

Energy Pro designs an energy management system for the manufacturing plant.

Capital Projects: Energy Pro owns and installs large energy efficient equipment.


Managing Director Executive Officer
S. Michael Ratteree

S. Michael Ratteree Managing Director

Mr. Ratteree invented and authored Method For Achieving And Verifying Increased Productivity In
An Industrial Process, and authored Performance-Based Method For Obtaining Savings In An Industrial Process, See www.mike-ratteree.net in News/Links to the right.

John Davis Vice President Engineering

Mr. Davis has over 38 years of experience in the steel industry.

Guy Ausmus Vice President Business Development

Mr. Ausmus specializes in the energy issues facing industrial manufacturing.

Robert Stein Vice President Analytics

Mr. Stein develops and manages statistical process control models.

John B. Clarke Technologist

Mr. Clarke has over 25 years experience in energy efficiency for US industry. He holds three patents for energy conservation equipment.

Charles R. Dinger, Jr. Project Manager

A 35 year steel industry executive, Mr. Dinger has served in numerous operations, staff, and technical roles throughout his career.

News / Links

Contact Information:

Managing Director Executive Officer
S. Michael Ratteree

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