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Apr 6, 2016 12:48 PM ET

Archived: Afrika Burn: Spirit Train, a 35m mutant/art vehicle, returns to the 10th gathering of Afrikaburn – ignite your soul, howl with LOBO, dance under Karoo Stars

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016

Afrika Burn : Spirit Train

After so much howling wild crazy flame energy that we created at the 2015 Afrikaburn, we’re coming back to celebrate the 10th year of Afrikaburn and this year we’re adding a Train Station by our German friends. LOBO – The Spirit Train, is a 35m mutant/art vehicle. Afrikaburn is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in Tankwa Karoo to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance!

About This Project

Afrika Burn : Spirit Train

The Spirit Train returns to the 10th gathering of Afrikaburn – ignite your soul, howl with LOBO, dance under Karoo Stars, with a Train Station.

This is the story of LOBO – part animal, part machine.
After the apocalypse mankind was wiped out, and only a few survived. The machines had upset the balance and a cold fog surrounded the earth. A barren wasteland littered with fragments of technology – a parasite draining the soil of all remaining resources. The moon was closer to the earth, gravity shifted and a new anarchy existed between man and animal. The lunar cycles empowered the wolves and they became our loyal protectors – but for only those of pure spirit – the Tribe. In the name of their future, the Tribe built Lobo in a quest to restore the equilibrium.

With relentless spirit they created an all-sensory beast of the dust. A beast in a machine and clad with sonic and aural weapons, with instinct his guiding force and beauty his charm Lobo roams the dessert and summons the spirit of the Tribe to raise the moon every night, and restore the balance the machines destroyed. Lobo lays down his head as the moon fades … but as he rises, so does the Tribe … for the only thing that powers Lobo, is the SPIRIT of the Tribe.

And so Lobo moves with stealth-like precision along the dust-covered plains of Africa, in search of nothing….. but the moment. Nothing can stop him, no man, no animal, no traps or forces of nature … but his delicate heart. And so he offered his heart to the Tribe, to be protected in return for their own protection.

A wolf is a spirit animal, symbolic of instinct, intuition, intelligence and a pack society, or community. We wish to share this art project with you – our GIFT to be enjoyed.


Milestone 1 (Tipping Point )- R10 000

Lobo arrives at Afrikaburn

Milestone 2 – R25 000

Lobo arrives at Afrikaburn with a facelift (attention to detail and enhanced aesthetics)

Milestone 3 – R50 000

Lobo arrives at Afrikaburn with all his technical/mechanical parts enhanced, his fire-throwing capabilities enhanced and his presence entirely majestic !!

The Team

A combination of old crew from Afrikaburn Spirit Train 2015 and some lovely crazy wonderful new members that are bringing so much howling energy into the 2016 version of LOBO The Spirit Train.

We aim to bring back the mutant vehicle in the Karoo dessert – a ‘Spirit Train’ – which repels bad energy and attracts good energy. The Spirit Train is a mobile train of sorts, rigged with a chunky sound-system, designed to resemble a steam-punk Wolf – the spirit animal. Intuition, instinct and a thirst for gatherings & positive relations are traits of the wolf, and those who developed this AB concept.

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