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Archived: SORIBA OR GOOD DOER: Soriba.org – give to all Africans a common place they could go and post for free anything

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About this project

My name is Soriba Bangoura. I was born in Guinea, West Africa. I live in the USA for 11 years and San Francisco for about 6 years. I am an entrepreneur African in Silicon Valley since 2013.

I am now a US citizen and I started www.soriba.org in 2014. Soriba meaning a good doer or a very generous person, It is my hope that I should be initiating something very generous to all the world and especially to countries of African continent. Soriba.org will give to all Africans a common place they could go and post for free anything from showing or announcing about their professional services, to what they sell, what is going on locally in their various communities, asking and responding questions, to what they do in France, USA, Australia, San Francisco, New York, in New Deli etc…

Soriba.org has got about 2 millions monthly visitors and I have felt that I need support from communities as KickStarter to help me taking soriba.org to the next level which is extensively developing my contents and web features, opening 2Soriba.org cafes in San Francisco and in Conakry Guinea – my home country.

This is a project that we strongly are in need in a growing Africa where people do not hold credit cards and the banking systems are not well developed as in Western countries. In Guinea or Senegal or Kenya or San Francisco, Fulani or Wolof or Maasai just want to deal locally.

Please let me know if my  explanation and the below video with English accent still let you with questions regarding my project. I will respond as soon as possible.

I thank you very much for your generous donations and supports in making my American dream comes true.

Risks and challenges

1) You might notice it that it is very hard to find Africans or people as my background on Kickstarter. Many of us are shy saying or exposing ideas when English is especially not the first language.

2) It is very hard to let people of African continent to get them know or use internet tools.

3) We will need a lot translation services to make the website understood by users who are Yoruba, Susu Zulu, Kissi, Fulany, Berber etc…

4) Running business in African countries is very challenging. Working with countries officials is not an easy thing.

5) Sourcing our coffee shops regularly and non stops with quality organic coffee beans from Africa is very challenging.

6) Soriba.org cafe will not only sell great organic coffees from Africa but they will be kind of technical supports place for African users of soriba.org.

As African living and experiencing enough about Silicon Valley it is my believe that I will fit firmly to take this project to a worldwide success.



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