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Apr 5, 2016 10:30 AM ET

Safe’N’Clear, Inc.: Clear, antimicrobial face masks product line

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016

Safe’N’Clear, Inc.

Clear, antimicrobial face masks product line


Following several years of research and product development, Safe’N’Clear has designed and sourced manufacturing to distribute transparent only and transparent + antimicrobial facemasks. Antimicrobial versions will reduce the risk of transmitting viruses and other diseases and also improve interaction and communication while wearing a facemask.


Safe’N’Clear, Inc. utilizes proprietary technology that includes specially treated materials for breathability and moisture control. We leverage the latest in antimicrobial solutions to create an advancement in medicine that disrupts the current market by significantly improving a medical device that is heavily used in today’s healthcare market as well as in other unsafe settings. 


The second and third generation product lines, scheduled for wholesale roll-outs in 2015, will offer customers the option of transparent, anti-bacterial and anti-viral face masks at prices comparable to current masks, but more comfortable, safer and aesthetically appealing than currently available.


The first generation mask is completed.

The website domain is secured and the brochure website is live.

Production and distribution sources are identified for the roll out.

Off shore funding and distribution opportunities are being offered and under consideration – including China, India, and Canada.

Safe’N’Clear, Inc. is on track to begin development and production with the second generation product pathway.

To date, startup goals and benchmarks have been identified and met on time. FDA ready version complete and prepared for FDA submittal.


The target market includes:

Pediatric / general dentists and orthodontists

Oral surgeons

Pediatric / geriatric clinics & hospitals

Military and Homeland Security

Urgent care centers

EMS emergency agencies, law enforcement, and firefighters

Hazardous occupational work zones

Citizens in locations with air quality and particulate issues (e.g. China)


The differentiating factorbetween Safe’N’Clear facemasks and those of our competitors is described in our name. Our antimicrobial products provide a safer, more comfortable experience by reducing the risk of transmitting germs and vastly improving communication for those wearing our clear facemasks.

Contact Information:

Safe'N'Clear, Inc.

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