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Apr 5, 2016 1:10 PM ET

Archived: NYLA ORGANIC TEQUILA: Premium USDA Organic Certified product, certifications for Kosher, Vegan and Gluten free and 35 calories per serving

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016


Consumer Products

We are a premium USDA Organic Certified product. We also have the certifications for Kosher, Vegan and Gluten free. As well as we are 35 calories per serving. Our product contains Agave natual syrup and spirulina. Not to mention 3 times distilled.

NYLA (pronounced “ni – lah”) Organic Premium Tequila is owned and operated by Santiago Ramos. NYLA is produced in Jalisco, Tequila 3 Reales de Jalisco, S. A. de C. V. (3 Reales). As spirit purveyors, NYLA’s ultimate goal is to provide the best crafted tequila possible. Certified Organic by the USDA, NYLA is the first organic tequila to hit the market that is triple-distilled, vegan and gluten-free product with only 35 calories per serving.

Every effort is made to produce NYLA Organic Premium Tequila in the old-fashioned craft method from which tequila originated. In August 2015, NYLA launched NYLA Organic Silver, a sipping tequila that truly captures the purity of the agave. NYLA will have release in 2016 its organic Reposado (aged 9 months), organic Añejo (aged 2 years), organic Extra-Añejo/Ultra-Aged (aged 7 years) and Joven (51% blanco tequila, 49% Agave Syrup spirits).

NYLA’s mission is to restore the taste and sophistication that tequila was meant to convey, starting with our triple-distilled Silver.

Products / Services


NYLA Organic Tequila Blanco – 750 ML
NYLA Organic Tequila Blanco – 1 Liter
NYLA Organic Reposado – 750 ML
NYLA Organic Reposado – 1 Liter
NYLA Organic Añejo – 750 ML
NYLA Organic Añejo – 1 Liter
NYLA Organic Extra Añejo – 750ML
NYLA Organic Extra Añejo – 1 Liter
NYLA Organic Cucumber Mint – 750 ML
NYLA Organic Rose Mandarin – 750 ML
NYLA Organic Chili Mango – 750 ML



Chief Executive Officer
Santiago Ramos

Santiago Ramos

I am a top consultant and brand specialist for liquor brands, fashion, beauty and luxury goods products. I act as an international development specialist for consumer brands that wish to enter the US market from Latin America, Mexico and the Middle East. I also brings US brands to these markets.

I am fluent in Spanish, English,Portuguese, Arabic and Farsi.

I leverage my 20 years of experience working with top companies such as Coogi, Sean John, Cloutier and Pan Am to assist my clients with event marketing, brand strategy, development and product placement.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
Santiago Ramos

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