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Apr 5, 2016 11:21 AM ET

Archived: Network of Independent Critics: Edinburgh 2016 – Championing quality arts writing outside the mainstream press

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016

Network of Independent Critics: Edinburgh 2016

Championing quality arts writing outside the mainstream press

Arts criticism is changing.

As print media cut their arts coverage or fold completely due to rising internet use, the world turns more and more to a vibrant community of online arts critics. These critics host their own websites, blogs, vlogs or podcasts where they evaluate performances with a specialist eye. These are often productions that rarely get coverage in mainstream media, but are as deserving as any other of critical attention. 

These critics may differ in style, output and interest, but one thing that unites them is their passion for their work as advocates for quality live performance.

These critics often work for free, and have no umbrella organisation to support them. Until now.


About the Network of Independent Critics

The Network of Independent Critics launches this year at Edinburgh Festival Fringe with three primary aims:

– to provide established, independent performing arts critics with support and networking opportunities

– to provide free housing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe to enable unsalaried critics to focus intensely on their specialism for a week.

– to provide coverage for festival productions normally neglected by the mainstream press.

NIC has been formed by Laura Kressly, a fringe theatre advocate with a Shakespeare specialism, and Katharine Kavanagh, who founded the only UK publication dedicated to circus critique. Three mentorship places are reserved for participants wishing to develop skills as circus critics, in partnership with The Circus Diaries

What We Need For Our Edinburgh Fringe Launch

This summer, 24 successful applicants will each have a 6-night stay in one of two 4-bedroom NIC flats in central Edinburgh. These flats were booked at a discounted rate, but still come at a high cost due to the unique economy that arises in Edinburgh each August.

Our fundraising target of £6500 covers the cost of renting these flats for the full festival season and all associated fees. It does not cover food, travel or event tickets. If we don’t reach our goal, what we have raised will be split between all participants (including the founders) who will have to pay the balance.


What Your Support Means

By supporting the Network of Independent Critics, you will provide the means for under-represented work to receive coverage from specialist critics and fuel the critical and creative economy. 

You will enable unpaid critics to immerse themselves in a global arts festival and see a large number of shows in their specialist genre. (We require our participants to see a minimum of 3 performances a day and generate content they feel is appropriate to these events). 
In a festival with over 3000 shows, this is a unique opportunity for critics to discover emerging talent from around the world and create new connections within the critical community. Financial limitations of staying in peak season Edinburgh will not limit the work they see or the other writers and publications they can network with.
If we exceed our funding target, all additional costs will be split equally amongst participants to help towards their travel costs to and from Edinburgh.

Risks & Challenges

All participants have agreed to pay the balance of any remaining costs if we do not reach our target, but there is always a risk that unforeseen circumstances could crop up and make this problematic. In the event that sudden expenses, work or family issues arise and a participant is no longer be able to take their place, we will rent their room(s) at cost to someone still in need of accommodation during the festival, so there will be no adverse impact on other participants or the programme.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute financially, we would love it if you would spread the word about this campaign and/or the Network of Independent Critics.

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Contact Information:

Laura Kressly

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