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Apr 4, 2016 2:52 PM ET

Archived: Agua Inc is a technology company revolutionizing the water and wastewater treatment sector.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 4, 2016

Agua Inc

Boulder, CO 80302, US
Electricity Generation & Utilities

AGUAINC is a technology company revolutionizing the water and wastewater treatment sector.

While 70% of our planet is covered in water, only 2.5% of it is fresh water, and only 1% of it is surface water – resulting that only 0.07% of the world water supply is fresh and accessible. Water is the foundation for agriculture, industry, sanitation and health, and human well-being. At AGUAINC we help cities protect their water through ensuring that their wastewater is treated properly and doesn’t contaminate precious supplies.

Not only is water and wastewater treatment fundamental to global health and sustainability, they will be the most invested in clean technologies in developing countries according to The World Bank over the next decade. Wastewater alone is estimated to receive over $2.7 Trillion USD – over 4 times more than Solar PV at $476 Billion. AGUAINC is ideally positioned to play a significant role in this market, offering a more affordable option that is also energy and chemical free. These advantages are significant as governments face major budgetary constraints and price is a major decision-making factor. Additionally, most conventional approaches require large quantities and reliable supply of energy and chemicals which are simply not available in most developing countries.

AGUAINC achieves this by replacing energy intensive aeration machines (operation of these makes up on average 25% of operating expenses) and chemicals (which make up another 25% of operating costs on average) with a unique hybridized hardware-biotechnology solution called ABIS. ABIS Green Filters is not only energy and chemical free, but meets and exceeds international effluent standards. AGUAINC brings this to it’s public and private clients through Design-Build projects (project sales) and Concessionary/BOT deals (generating revenue from upgrading and operating the facility as a service).

Products / Services

ABIS Green Filters

ABIS Green Filter – is a hybrid hardware-biotechnology that uses phytoredimation plants to recycle wastewater without energy or chemicals.

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Agua Inc

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