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Apr 2, 2016 10:26 AM ET

Elmbrook Humane Society: Roobert’s story in his own words

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 2, 2016

Roobert Battles Severe Heartworm


Roobert arrived at our organization happy and ready to find his new home. Shortly thereafter we learned he had a severe case of heartworm.


Hi there, my name is Roobert and I am in need of your help.  I arrived at Elmbrook Humane Society at the end of January, and I wasn’t feeling great when I got there but you know dogs, I did not want to show this.  The staff soon observed signs that made them a bit concerned so they made an appointment for me to be seen by one of the vet partners they work with.  Apparently, I had and still have heartworm disease as well as additional complications as a result of the heartworm.  After my diagnosis, I saw a lot of doctors and had quite a few tests and procedures done.  Thankfully, I received a lot of treats and plenty of attention.  I even had to see something my human friends call a cardiologist learning the specialized treatment I needed could not be done locally.  I took what seemed to be a long car ride to Madison and met some really nice people at the UW-Madison Vet School.  So far, I have had to go there two times and spend the night.  It sounded like fun at first – who does not love a road trip – but both times I had to go through more testing, procedures, and receive medication – I have never seen so much medication in my life!  While the doctors said my heartworm disease was very serious and I didn’t have the best prognosis, Elmbrook believed in me and gave me a chance.  Although I have a long road ahead of me, I am so happy to be writing this as I made it through treatment!

I am currently on multiple medications, several times a day.  I get to take another ride to Madison in about a month.  My people tell me everyday that they have faith that this trip will bring great news and that hopefully I will not have to have any more procedures.  I am now resting quietly in a foster home who lets me sleep in a big bed which I LOVE!  Please help me repay the generosity of the kind people at Elmbrook Humane Society so that they can replenish some of the funds associated with my care so that other aniamls with medical needs just like me can receive the care they need.  If it were not for Elmbrook Humane Society and the wonderful people in my community, I might not be here and I need to make sure that others like me have a chance.  As I shared, I still have a long road ahead of me, so I can assure you that your gift will help me, too!

Thank you kindly,


P.S. I know there may be a few people who would like to be considered to adopt me.  They tell me I am not yet ready for adoption as I am not quite where I need to be healthwise (I concur as I still do not feel the best).  If you would like to be considered, you can complete an adoption application and when I am ready, I know my friends will contact those who would like to be considered.  Remember, there is just one of me though, but I have a lot of friends at Elmbrook Humane Society who are in search of a new home, too!


Contact Information:


(262) 782-9261

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