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Apr 1, 2016 10:49 AM ET

Rivet: Content For Brands, Created By Customers

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 1, 2016


Content For Brands, Created By Customers

Meet Rivet: the content platform innovator on a mission to help world-class brands revolutionize their content marketing by tapping into their most valuable resource: their customers, partners, and employees.

Enter Rivet, the world’s most advanced all-in-one platform that generates content for social media, websites, and advertising that people actually want to read — all while giving brands valuable insights into their customers and prospects at the same time. Rivet produces great content, at scale, that works.

And did we mention the whole process is automated?

Leading, global brands are already using Rivet Works to connect with customers like never before.

Read on to find out how Rivet is taking the brand out of marketing and delivering content that audiences actually care about: content created by people like them.

The jury is in, and content marketing is here to stay.

Marketing and ecommerce heads know that, in order to compete for customers’ eyeballs and imaginations, they need to produce high-quality, high-value content that tells a story and shares a message that their customers actually want. And what’s more — they need to do it at scale.

Expensive teams of people are being hired and unplanned spend with agencies is increasing to create this content. Brands are investing more time and money into their content than ever before, but that content is still not driving the results for their brand that they want to see.

Why is that? Because today’s consumers are smart. They know when they’re being sold to, and they know that anything that a brand has to say about itself should be taken with a grain of salt.

That’s the secret that nobody in the content marketing space has quite figured out:that consumers care more about what people — the people like them, and the people they admire — have to say than what the brand says about itself.

At Rivet, we decided it was time to give the people what they want. We built the technology to give brands a way to pass the microphone from their marketing departments to their customers.

Rivet Works revolutionizes content marketing by giving brands the tools they need to generate content from the most highly trusted and valuable sources available: their customers, partners, and employees.

The consumer decision-making process has changed. 20 years ago, consumers may have looked to brands as the #1 authority on their own products, but in today’s super-social, super-connected age of consumer reviews, likes, and tags, customers are the #1 authority that consumers trust when deciding which products to buy and which brands to give their loyalty to.

Rivet Works has created a content generation and promotion platform that works with that fact, not against it. Rivet Works harnesses the most effective storytelling techniques, including compelling first-person narratives, videos, and photos, to help brands access exactly the kind of useful, user-first content their customers want to see.

We’re taking all the work out of it. Rivet Works’ proprietary software is 100% automated and produces 100x more volume for our customers with a blend of captivating, and effective user-generated content than alternatives.

Before, people were only getting the dust jacket summary about a brand. With Rivet Works, we’re giving them the whole story.

Here’s how Rivet makes it work.


Customers have something to say and and something to show. Rivet’s proprietary platform intuitively leads customers through the process of showing, telling, and sharing their positive, brand-reinforcing stories told from their point-of-view.

For example, a large home improvement retailer uses Rivet to ask their customers to:

  • Take before & after photos of their home remodeling projects
  • Describe in their own words the story of the project and how the transformation happened
  • Mention what products were used in the project
  • Provide address details to show on a map where projects are taking place
  • Provide a video walk-through of the project, suitable for sharing in social media

This strategy allows the home improvement brand to generate tens of thousands of compelling content pieces automatically from their customers and generate additional reach in the millions using this compelling visual and written content in a manner that only Rivet can execute.

We’re also giving the people who have a direct connection with a brand’s customers an opportunity to talk about why they think people should use the brand’s product over a competitor’s and why your company is their number one choice.

For example, a global beauty brand taps their partner network of 1500 salons to have salon partners:

  • Capture photos of their clients after the salon treatment is complete
  • Describe the specific process the professional used to achieve that look for their client
  • List specific products used
  • Categorize the content by hair color, skin tone, eye color and more to structure the content in useful ways later
  • Share the specific location of the salon so that other customers of the brand can see where to achieve this look.

This strategy allows the beauty brand to tap into tens of thousands of additional brand ambassadors to promote the company’s products and generate compelling visual and written content in just days in a manner that only Rivet could execute.

With the cost of recruiting and retaining employees climbing, innovative CEOs, CMOs, and HR heads are turning to their own employees to showcase the company’s challenging and exciting careers. Rivet Works is the employees’ podium to showcase why they find their careers rewarding, why they believe in the company mission, and why they love the culture.

One of the largest hospitality businesses in the US is launching Rivet to generate stories from their employees that:

  • Attract the best candidates for positions ranging from entry-level cook to front-desk staff
  • Showcase the positive, rewarding, and energetic culture of the company
  • Create visibility for the brand leading to greater overall awareness in the marketplace
  • Help retain the best talent to continue the company’s rapid growth

With thousands of successful and happy employees across the US, this strategy enables the brand to rapidly generate effective, culturally-reinforcing content showcasing employees from all cultural, educational, and geographic backgrounds in a manner that only Rivet could execute.

How it works

Rivet Works is white-labeled cloud-based software that:

  • Generates visual and written content by smartly guiding customers through the content creation process
  • Manages that content, providing access to the entire organization to use it within marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and more
  • Deploys content to the appropriate web audience and location seamlessly
  • Publishes content into email, social, web, and advertising channels
  • Reduces cost and increases the speed content is produced
  • Simultaneously generates critical profile and interest data for each consumer that helps drive highly-personalized email, social, and website experiences.

Businesses simply put a link into their current marketing outreach including emails, social media posts, advertising, website promotions, and mobile apps. People funnel into the Rivet platform and companies receive thousands of pieces of content in days that tell the brand’s story.

Insights & Analytics that Prove the Value of Content
Rivet’s built-in split testing shows how many conversions and buys businesses are getting without user-generated content versus how many they’re getting with Rivet. This provides a way to pinpoint which specific pieces of content drive the most value compared to other content. Further, the generation process can be fine-tuned using detailed analytics how many pieces of content users are generating, where they spend the most vs. least amount of time in producing the content, and the approval and rejection rates for content.

All the Content, all the Control
Brands see all content that flows into the Rivet platform and can approve, hold, or reject content, providing the control that brands need to scale their content efforts while advancing the brand’s’ own needs. Further, Rivet’s advanced consumer opt-in and auditing capabilities ensure that even the most stringent businesses in the most highly-regulated industries such as healthcare and insurance are thrilled with Rivet’s approach.

Here’s a look at a few of our notable accomplishments since our 2014 beta launch:

Growing Demand
As of April 2016, we have 30 renowned businesses as paying customers, generating over $1M in annual recurring license revenue and a strong and growing sales pipeline of globally-recognized brands.

Agency Partnerships   
Digital agencies including Jack Morton, BVK, Made Movement and others have integrated our platform into their client base. We are in discussions with large digital consultancies who service the Fortune 500 to continue building this profitable go-to-market channel.

Our valued partners use Rivet to create compelling content such as this T-Mobile World Series Commercial that aired on national broadcast television, with 100% of the video courtesy of Rivet at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Our agency partners also use Rivet to discover new uses for their client’s products such as WD-40, featured recently on ABC News citing their customer submissions of 1000s of new uses for WD-40 (viewable at 1:16 in the video).

Robust Enterprise Platform
We have built a world-class platform that services global businesses with the performance, capabilities, design, and uptime they demand. Our technology is integrated into website, mobile applications, and with a roadmap for IOT (internet of things) interactions as well. Further, our platform has passed IT security and performance assessments from these businesses and is currently deployed in highly-regulated environments including healthcare and insurance in addition to consumer products and travel.

Top-Tier Customers
Our roster of globally recognized brands are already relying on to reach their customers.

What’s on the horizon for Rivet?

Rivet Works is just the launching point in our big-picture vision. Looking ahead, our priority is to broaden our connections with industry influencers to demonstrate the value of Rivet Works and reach even more forward-thinking customers. We’re also setting our sights on filing patents by the summer of 2016 and have several future offerings on deck to grow our ultimate content-creation platform and generate new revenue streams

Contact Information:

Mike Svatek
Ben Lail

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