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Apr 1, 2016 12:12 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Apr 1, 2016



Each of your donation will help us to feed and save dogs and cats and we will be able to continue to go physically outside to stop animal’s truck drivers and bring back them to our building where they will be rescued and protected. 100% of your donation is used to save them.



We work since 2008 in china as the “Pok Oi animal protection center” in order to rescue as much dogs and cats as we can. We work full time everyday for this cause. We have started a petition 3 weeks ago to ask the president Hu Jintao to establish laws http://www.change.org/petitions/president-hu-jintao-please-stop-the-cat-and-dog-trade-meat-in-chinabut in the mean time, we have rent a big building with many rooms where we keep all the rescued dogs and cats there (so far we have around 600 dogs and 100 cats) but its very expensive to keep this building.

Its important to understand how this meat market works. People steal dogs and cats from owners on the streets. Once the stealer catch the dog/cat, he beats it with a big piece of wood until the animal fall. Then, the dog is brought to a room outside the city, once arrived, they beat the animal to make his heart pump faster (for better taste apparently) and then 2 men hang the dog or cat from the neck to the ceiling until he can not breathe anymore. It last around 5 or 7 minutes until he lose conscience and die. Its horrible to make the dog/cat suffer like this. I don’t want to give too much details about it because its too difficult to manage emotions when you see it in real which i saw with my own eyes, i couldn’t stand it but we arrived too late unfortunately that time to save him (Lack of rescue equipment that day). There is no law in China, this is where we intervene.

We track truck drivers bringing animals to restaurant’s location and we deal with the driver in exchange of money to release them. It cost money but at least we can save them when they accept the offer. We are really working with some attorney since 1 year in court in the hope to establish a new law to stop this cruel market but really, it takes time and to be realistic, we need to rescue as much as possible dogs/cats before its too late. We are developing an adoption system that we will be ready in around 2 months.

Its winter now, this cruel market reach his highest point and its getting very difficult for us to rescue new animals without the help of others like you and that is why we are asking for donation and even help (volunteers if you are in china or goods sent by shipping or money donation)

This is what your donation will be use for:
1. Dogs and cats Food
2. Rescue Equipment
3. Medicine
4. Vehicle (trucks and cars)
5. Bottle of Water
6. Mattress Pads
7. Hand disinfectants in large quantity
8. Wood the heat the place
9. Gas for vehicle
10.Medicine to neuter dogs and cats
11.Rent more room to keep dogs and cats
11.Print papers for school’s student to educate the new generation about animals rights

A portion of the donation will be kept to hire an attorney in order to go to court and trying to establish these new laws:
1. Abolish the law that allow Chinese people to beat 40 cm and over stray dogs to death
2. Dogs and cats kidnapping from owner should be illegal
3. Dog and cat’s farm should be illegal
4. Raise dogs and cat should be illegal
5. Selling dogs and cats from store should be illegal, people must go to adoption center
6. Selling dogs and cats meat in restaurant should be illegal
7. Dogs and cats meat market should be illegal
8. Beating animals in any manner should be illegal
9. killing dogs and cats by hanging them to the ceiling should be illegal (suffocation)
10. Poison animals should be illegal
11. Shelter with poor condition should be close
12. Stray animals should be brought to shelters
13. Shelter must be verified by a legal organization
14. A center with phone number must be available to public to call in case of a animal cruelty case
15. Advertising any kind of dogs and cat’s meat ads should be illegal
16. Restaurant’s banner and menu should not have the right to advertise dogs and cats meat
17. All dogs and cats should be neutered to prevent over population

We are asking for this sentence for arrested citizens:
1. Any cruel act against animals should be reported to police
2. People who fails in these laws above should go to jail for at least 1 year or pay a very expensive fine.

This is how they steal dogs from owner on the street and we try to find them before they go to restaurant killing place:


And this is our blog so you can see all the last update of what we do every day with videos and photos:


Contact Information:

Pok Oi animal protection center

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