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Mar 31, 2016 2:23 PM ET

Archived: Garden Love for Ekone Ranch, 2016: Help Ekone inspire hundreds of children and adults with sparklingly fresh food and meaningful garden experiences!

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 31, 2016

Garden Love for Ekone Ranch, 2016

Help Ekone inspire hundreds of children and adults with sparklingly fresh food and meaningful garden experiences!


Oooo, carrots taste better with the tops on!” 

That’s just one of the priceless quotes from the past season of growing and eating good food at Ekone Ranch. 

We got more kids in the garden in 2015 than ever before, with their hands in the earth and the taste of sparklingly fresh veggies on their tongues, engaging in play, learning, reflection, and celebration.  And we grew more food than ever, too.  The farm-to-table relationship between the Ekone garden and the Yummy Tummy Café produced delicious, nourishing meals of the sort that can make a person a lifelong vegetable lover.  What a powerful expression of Ekone’s intersection of stewardship and education!

This was made possible by generous donors who funded the creation of a new garden coordinator position and an investment in tools and infrastructure. 

The Ekone garden classroom needs your support for one more year, to continue this work and make the program self-sustaining.

Our long term plan is for the garden to fund itself (watch for Ekone garlic sales next season), but we’re not quite there yet, and there are a few more initial investments yet to make. 

With your support, we will:

  • Hire a garden coordinator for the 2016 season (beloved Olivia is off to other adventures—please help us find our next gardener!) 
  • Build a greenhouse and cold frames for seed starting and season extension
  • Get our commercial garlic venture off (out of) the ground
  • Give hundreds of children a meaningful garden experience
  • Fill thousands of plates with wholesome food that provides a counterpoint to the conventional food system

We’ll also enlist many volunteers, use recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible, and spend prudently—your investments in Ekone always go far!  A $15,000 garden budget for 2016 will continue the successes of the past year.  A $30,000 budget would catapult the garden program forward and ensure viability for years to come.  The scope of this project is entirely dependent on the extent of your support.

We believe that pulling a carrot from the ground, wandering among a forest of pole beans and sunflowers, and even once knowing where every item on your plate came from are keystone experiences that have the power to change a life and change the world.  Please consider joining us in making good food a top priority at Ekone Ranch. 

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