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Mar 30, 2016 1:22 PM ET

World’s Smallest Digital AV Data Dock for Android Phones: Full Screen Digital Video from Your Smartphone or Tablet

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 30, 2016

World’s Smallest Digital AV Data Dock for Android Phones

by MediaGear



Connect your Android Phone/Tablet to a large screen/TV to play HD movies, hi-speed games, edit docs, access USB storage & w HDMI AV out


About this project

Full Screen Digital Video from Your Smartphone or Tablet 

Have you ever wanted to connect your Android smartphone or tablet as a source video to your large screen monitor or HDTV?  It’s frustrating as too many competing large corporations push their own mobile video standards at our expense: MHL, myDP,  Slimport – each with custom adapter or pin-outs.  And if your phone doesn’t support it, you are out of luck.  But now, MediaGear’s Digital A/V Data Dock accepts any USB cable from your phone or tablet to connect HD 1080p movies to a big screen over HDMI. And because it’s an upgradeable software and hardware embedded solution, it works with your latest Android 5.0+ phone or tablet.  Enjoy real 1080p video and full external audio with no lag.  Our unique and thoughtful designers allows you to enjoy full digital AV performance while continuously charging your phone while in use.  It’s the best of all worlds!


Reliable HD 1080p Connection

Wireless connectivity is interesting- but not reliable for streaming 1080p digital video or playing high speed games on large HD screens. Did you know wireless adapters like Chromecast that mirror the phone screen actually downgrade video output to 720p – because the higher resolution we really want suffers from video drop out and lag. Media Gear’s Digital A/V Data Dock delivers uncompromising full HD video 1080p output without interference or pixelation. 

Future Proof for USB-C mobile devices

Upgrading your smartphone this year?  It could sport the brand new Type USB-C connector.  It’s a tech game changer as USB-C is a reversible data and charging port on the newest phones and tablets replacing the current ubiquitous micro-B connector.  The great news is that MG’s Digital A/V Data Dock Is designed with the future in mind with a built-in USB-C port! No worries. As technology marches on, rest assured you are ready to connect and charge all the latest Android devices whether it’s micro-B or the new USB-C

 project video thumbnail


Upgrade/Access USB Memory Storage

Frustrated by your phone’s limited storage? Want to be able access hundreds of movies or a complete TV season at the click of a button? Plug in a USB flash drive or EHDD into the Digital A/V Data Dock, and stream HD movies directly from external flash or disk storage. Or copy files from your phone to USB storage to free up space for more photos or apps. You’ll never run out of space on your smartphone again!  


Dual View/Phone Mode Software

How could your smartphone ever drive two video screens with one Android device? With our free proprietary SL software app, you can watch your favorite HD movie on a large HDMI monitor and simultaneously text, Snap!  check Instagram/Facebook feeds or even make a phone call on your smartphone.  When you are done using your phone screen, switch back to the remote to control the video playback. You stay in control of both screens at all times with the Dual View/Phone Mode. Watch the video demo below!

 project video thumbnail

 Simplified Video Conferencing

Need a low-cost video-conferencing solution for your business? Enjoy Skyping with your family but hard to see everyone on a small screen? It’s not a problem using your smartphone camera connected to the Universal A/V Data Dock and a large HMDI monitor. See and hear everyone in the room in full HD video on a large screen – and make sure they see all of you

A Light Productivity Tool as well?

Need to do some light editing of office documents? No need to boot up your PC.  With Media Gear’s Universal A/V Data Dock, HDMI monitor, and a USB keyboard and mouse, you’ll have a complete desktop computing experience with your smartphone. Everything you can do from your phone is made easier when seen on a full size 1080p HD screen, such as the ability to view document attachments, reply to email and text messages, view social media posts, send texts, and more.

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Don’t Let Your Batteries Run Down

Concerned about draining your smartphone battery while watching a movie or playing a game? Going out and need to top off your battery charge? No worries! Our included Hi-Power AC adapter keeps your phone charged so you never drain the battery whenever you’re connected to the Universal A/V Data Dock.

Gain an Edge in Hi-Speed Video Games 

Play solo or invite your friends to watch your game action on a large screen. Gain more control and score in your gameplay by plugging in a USB gamepad/joystick to the dock’s USB expansion port. Choose from thousands of action, racing and adventure games on the Play Store. Game On! 

Enjoy the Smallest AV Digital Adapter and it’s Feather-Light weight during your World Travels: derived from a highly efficient Industrial Design with interlaced Front/Back Port Placements



Risks and challenges

About MediaGear

We are a small group of Android enthusiasts inside a 15+ year old technology company with years of experience building accessory products for the world’s largest PC OEMs. We’ve been given the freedom to design and bring to market new products that are delightful to use and go where no one has gone before. Being with a larger company, we’re able to leverage software development, supply chain, and cost-efficient manufacturing to bring you the most desirable features at an affordable price. By you backing our first product, you’ll help us continue to invest and grow our team so we can introduce more new tech for mobile and PC connectivity – direct from our factory to you!

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