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Mar 30, 2016 10:13 AM ET

Archived: ScorePad – The New Intelligent Electronic Sheet Music System: A tablet solution for musicians

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 30, 2016

ScorePad – The New Intelligent Electronic Sheet Music System

by Antoine Cuénod, Co-Founder ScorePad GmbH


A tablet solution for musicians: use the scores of your choice, work as you are used to, exchange with peers, synchronize orchestras.


About this project

What’s the Problem?

For centuries now, paper has been the best material for music scores due to lack of alternatives. Nevertheless, in practice, certain properties are problematic. After some time of intense use, paper may become unusable, from a certain amount, archiving and searching becomes cumbersome, turning pages calls for a free hand, air can blow paper away etc. Further, the mere availability of digitalized scores is extremely limited, and often depends on specific providers. Musicians have a clear need for a modern and easy to use solution, running on regular tablet computers, and were they can use those scores they really need.

Our Solution: ScorePad

ScorePad is more than just an APP – it’s a entire new system.

Besides replacing paper sheet music, and scores, this system goes beyond the existing static electronic products (mainly PDF based). There will be individual functions, such as taking notes, treatment of notes, transposition, fade-in and -out of elements, automatic turn pages, playing, as well as interactive functions that shall support and enrich the play of orchestras, and the exchange of ideas among musicians. As a real innovation, musicians will be able to convert any score into the required digital format. Therefore we cooperate with research partners in a project to develop an automatic conversion process.

So far we have developed a prototype. It has been tested by professional musicians, and presented at our first public roadshow at the ZHdK in the Mehrspur in November 2015. See Videos from pilot test in Summer 2015 and the testimonials taken at the roadshow (in german w. engl. caption) below.

ScorePad fills the gap between (PDF-) readers and complex applications.



The first release (1.0) with active sheet functions (rendering, editing) is planned in 2016. 

To match the various requirements there will be three versions of the software product. These versions are planned from 2017 onwards.

Planned versions of software product
Planned versions of software product

Research Project

Together with research partners (ZHAW/InIT & SUPSI), we work on a project to develop an automated conversion procedure. This will enable the user to easily get digitalized scores to play with. This research is financed, as we have been granted the support by CTI. See video on this topic below (german w. engl. caption).

Market potential is huge!

Playing music is a wide spread activity, largely independent of business cycles. The potential demand from a local, regional, and global perspective is huge. In the fast growing social media platforms, we have identified about 450’000 “musicians”. The global potential of musicians using scores, and able to buy a modern system is estimated to 10 Mio. Our business model becomes profitable with a fraction of these numbers. According to our scenario analysis we should reach break even between the third and the fifth year, and make profits afterwards.

What’s Next?

We are now ready to develop the first marketable release of the software product. We intend to roll out the first release in 2016.

Budget 2016: CHF 200’000

    The budget for 2016 to achieve this, sums up to 200’000 Swiss francs.
  • SW Development: 110’000 
  • Marketing: 52’000 
  • Legal: 23’000 
  • Other: 17’000

The good news is that we have been joined by a couple of larger investors who contributed 155’000 francs. So we are actually missing 45’000 francs to complete the first release. That’s why we need your help. Any contribution is welcome.


See team video from our roadshow in November 2016 below (in german with english caption)



Risks and challenges

We develop a software. We may encounter unforeseen technical problems, and delays may occur. To reduce risk of misdevelopments, practicing musicians and software developers are in close contact to regularly exchange experiences.

Contact Information:

Antoine Cuénod, Co-Founder ScorePad GmbH

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