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Mar 30, 2016 12:24 PM ET

Archived: Action For Cabbies – Black Cabbies v TfL: Support the iconic black cab trade to raise funds to seek a judicial review against Transport for London for failing to enforce the law

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 30, 2016

Action For Cabbies – Black Cabbies v TfL

A Community project London, United Kingdom

Support the iconic black cab trade to raise funds to seek a judicial review against Transport for London for failing to enforce the law.


Black Cabbies v Transport for London

Help save our iconic black cab trade and the future of 25,000 cabbies, their families and associated industries.

  • We are fundraising to seek a Judicial Review of the license granted in 2012 by Transport for London to Uber and its drivers. Our grounds – the procedures followed were wrong and Transport for London has subsequently failed to enforce the law.
  • Black cabbies have lost the ability to compete on a level playing field; drivers, their families and the supporting industry have lost significant income – resulting in the need to work significantly longer hours to earn a living.
  • The issues relating to the licensing of Uber and its drivers for the public are numerous: public safety due to insurance irregularities, lack of rigorous background checks and limited disabled access – black cabs are the only taxis with 100% disabled access.
  • Congestion and air pollution are worse than ever from the increased number of vehicles allowed on London’s roads. Since 2012 when Uber was licensed, London has gone from 8th to 1st place in being Europe’s most congested city.


Unless action is taken to stop Uber, the Black Taxi industry will be decimated and Black Cabbies will no longer be able to justify the significant investment they make in being the best taxi service in the world. Black Taxis and their fares are regulated – if Uber becomes the dominant force, the travelling public may be exposed to dramatic fare increases and compromised regulation surrounding safety.

Comment from our lawyers, Rosenblatt Solicitors

“The team at Rosenblatt Solicitors in conjunction with Thomas Sharpe QC have formed the view that there are sufficient grounds to apply to the Court for permission to bring an application for judicial review against Transport for London (TfL) on the basis that the granting of Uber’s licence to operate was unlawful. The necessary first stage is to ask the Court for this permission. There is no guarantee that the Court will give permission and if it does not the case can go no further. If, however, permission is granted the application would then be heard in open Court with both parties having the right to make their case. It may be that Uber itself would appear in Court too on the basis that it has a vested interest in the outcome and if so they would have the chance also to make their case.”



Important information

We are not expecting any unused funds for this stage of the process and should a judicial review be granted, Action For Cabbies will require additional funding to take the case to court. Any unused funds at the end of the project will be re-invested into PR and marketing to promote the Black Cab industry working with Redleaf Communications our PR agents.

Contact Information:

Artemis Mercer

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