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Mar 29, 2016 6:07 PM ET

Redstart Arts: An exciting and empowering opportunity for adults with learning disabilities

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 29, 2016

Redstart Arts


An exciting and empowering opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to work with visual artists weekly towards a career in the arts, exhibiting at The Deptford Lounge and Horniman Museum 2016




Redstart Arts has a residency at the Deptford Lounge and Horniman Museum working with adults with learning disabilities in collaboration with Cash Aspeek and four other practising artists working in a range of materials and media. The project aims to bring in new participants and use established ‘Redstarts’ (previous participants) to mentor new ones. Redstart Arts has been running projects for the past 5 years working with group sizes up to 10 adults, collaborating with professional artists and working on a range of high profile public artwork series and installations at APT Gallery and Studios.

The sessions will run weekly and artwork made will be exhibited twice over the next year at the Deptford Lounge for Disability Awareness Month and Learning Disability Week. Redstart Arts will also be in residency at the Horniman Museum creating themed Discovery Boxes for the Hands On Base Gallery and working with Gandaia Arts for Brazilian summer celebrations, held in the Horniman Gardens.

What we’ll do:

  • Recruit and train new volunteers who will support the participants
  • Arrange 8 taster sessions with up to 24 adults to explore creative ideas
  • Run 2 art workshops per week, each led by a professional artist
  • Create a portfolio of artwork for exhibition, sales and commisions

Why it’s a great idea:

This project is all about empowering people who are disadvantaged, giving them greater access to community facilities and changing people’s perceptions about what can be achieved given the right opportunity and support. Using arts to allow participants to work independently and with others will help them gain confidence, self esteem and respect. This project will give a strong sense of achievement for participants and draw public attention to what learning disabled artists can achieve

‘ It was exciting and very moving to see the participants so engaged and confident and the resulting exhibitions, which were spectacular, did everyone proud, I would recommend them to any potential supporters as a very creative and deserving team’ – Mali Morris, Royal Academian

From a commission – ‘The result was so exciting – three different rhinos all amazing and created in partnership with learning disabled visual artists. We loved what they came up with’ – Paul Richards, Director of Stay Up Late

How we’ll get it done:

  • Use local residential homes and other advisory services to advertise the taster sessions for potential participants
  • Use Voluntary Centre Lewisham and Goldsmiths to attract and train volunteers
  • Meet with carers/families following the taster sessions and get participants signed up
  • Plan sessions, purchase materials and book visiting artists
  • Begin weekly sessions with the new Redstart Artists and professional artist
  • Advertise the exhibitions and inform local press and local learning disabilities services
  • Run a public workshop with the ‘Redstarts’ to engage the public and showcase the group
  • Document the artwork created and curate the exhibitions



Contact Information:

Cash Aspeek

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