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Mar 29, 2016 3:14 PM ET

Archived: DOUBLESIX: Our technology helps football clubs and associations identify talented players, referees and scouts.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 29, 2016


Our technology helps football clubs and associations identify talented players, referees and scouts.

We have identified three areas in football where administration restricts the ability of clubs and associations to identify talent. Our 3 apps reduce admin and help with the talent identification process. Refsix – a smartwatch and mobile app that reduces pre-match, in-match and post-match administration whilst tracking referees physical performance in the game. Scoutsix – a logistics and reporting app that helps Football Clubs’ Scouting teams manage their scouting team and player reports. Coachsix – an integrated system for Football Clubs’ charities to help reduce admin and find talent.


    We digitise archaic administration processes in football, which serves to increase process efficiency, make clubs, organisations and associations smarter and also frees up resources for talent identification.

    We’ve identified three areas of opportunity: coaches within football charities linked to professional clubs who coach soccer schools and after-school clubs, academy scouts who scour youth leagues for talent and football referees who officiate matches.

    Our apps reduce the time it takes for the individual to complete admin tasks, makes them smarter through the data the process collects and gives them more time to either improve performance or find talent which our apps monitor too.


    All of our apps help to reduce systematic problems and inconsistencies within football administration.There are a variety of tasks for which people are still using e-mail,spreadsheets,word documents and paper.These media increase the time it takes to complete processes.These archaic processes in turn lead to an inefficient organisation,club or association.Referees,for example,get fixtures sent to them via e-mails,spreadsheets and pdfs and have to collate them all to determine their workload for the month.When they get to games,teamsheets are handed to them on pieces of paper which they then transcribe on to another piece of paper to use in a match.They then transfer this on to a PC later.


    REFSIX – £150 direct sales for bundled watch and app, £30 a year thereafter in app subscriptions, additional software offerings for scheduling referees and sharing referee performance data back to associations.

    COACHSIX – currently £1000 a month, similar price to competitors. Could look to change the model to a lesser monthly revenue and a transaction fee % for each of the bookings made on to their soccer schools.

    SCOUTSIX – currently £500 a month. 6x less than competitor.

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