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Mar 29, 2016 4:32 PM ET

DentUit: Virtual staffing platform designed by dental professionals to streamline hiring and scheduling

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 29, 2016

DentUit is a virtual staffing platform designed by dental professionals to streamline hiring and scheduling. It’s an instant, transparent hiring platform that gives the dental industry Uber-like access to a large pool of temporary and full-time personnel though a cloud-based app, allowing dental organizations to better manage their staffing needs.

DentUit solves the problem efficiently and elegantly with staffing technology that can easily scale from the dental industry, our founder’s domain, to other healthcare segments.

The healthcare industry has the highest rate of employee turnover. On average, employees don’t even make it to their third year.

This creates huge staffing problems – it’s no wonder hospitals spend more on staffing than any other cost.

However, staffing solutions, including job boards and classified sites—even Craigslist—are limited to long-term acquisitions. For existing platforms, connecting job seekers and employers in a short period of time isn’t a strong suit. What happens when a nurse or a hygienist calls in sick?

There is simply no widely-used digital solution for temporary staffing.

That’s why we created DentUit.

DentUit streamlines the process of finding a replacement, giving employers instant access to a database of available workers, facilitating instant responses and even automatically filling schedules.

DentUit allows employers to find verified, qualified dental professionals who match specific criteria almost instantly. Full-time, part-time or temporary: DentUit has you covered.

It’s the biggest problem in the dental industry, solved in the most seamless way.

On DentUit, job seekers build resume profiles, then verify their identities and set up their availability for both temporary and permanent positions.

That availability automatically gets logged to the DentUit calendar.

When an employer needs to fill a spot, the employer has an option of contacting available temps directly, or creating a work assignment to request multiple candidates for work simultaneously.

Once a temporary work assignment is created, here’s what happens:

Once the employer hires the best matching temp, DentUit notifies hired candidates and fills the assignment on both the employer and employee calendars, so HR can focus on other things.

Instant Hiring is a DentUit feature that, when selected, allows employers to keep assignments open to all DentUit members. With Instant Hiring enabled, the first requested or favorable candidate is instantly hired, so employers can move on with their day.

When you post an ad for a part-time or full-time position on DentUit, that job is distributed to every member that matches the criteria you set, plus the posting is automatically sent to hundreds of targeted, high-quality job boards, college alumni boards and social media sites.

With almost no effort, you’ll attract the best candidates available so you always get top-notch talent.

Looking for something specific? Search our Resume Database to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Search and click. Finding dental professionals to fill a position never been easier than it is now

We’re dental industry veterans, making dental industry staffing an obvious initial market. We’ve created such a thin, flexible technology stack that the DentUit solution can easily be rebranded and deployed to other segments of the healthcare industry.

In those segments, the staffing problem is just as dire: staffing is the number one line item in hospital budgets… and because there’s no greater cost for hospitals and dental practices than staffing, DentUit’s “Uber for staffing” model could save hospitals up to $70,000 per month.

Our initial goal is to solve the dental industry’s staffing problems. Once conquered, we can move into other industries, eventually providing a complete staffing solution for every corner of the healthcare industry.

DentUit is now more than 5,500 members strong, with more than 50 paying small office customers using the platform.

We’ve also impressed two corporate clients who are utilizing the DentUit platform in more than 250 offices each we’re just getting started.

DentUit is currently working on an exclusive partnership with the most trafficked dental industry forum.


With instant staffing now made a breeze for the dental industry, DentUit’s technology can do so much more. Want to hear more about DentUit’s potential? Click the “business profile”’ tab at the top of this page to see where we’re going.

Nadia Pulcova, Founder & CEO

Originally from Bratislava, Slovakia, Nadia completed her studies at the Secondary Business School, Martin. Shortly after she moved to Toronto, Canada, Nadia enrolled in a dental hygiene program at Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries. After completing her studies in 2008, Nadia spent six years working as a dental hygienist, where she encountered the very problems she created DentUit to solve.

Contact Information:

Nadia Pulcova

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