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Mar 29, 2016 11:33 AM ET

Accessorize Your Beauty The Motle Way – an online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine that showcases and highlights the Afro-Eurocentric perspective of fashion

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 29, 2016

Accessorize Your Beauty The Motle Way


African inspired fashion, beauty tips and style inspirations from the gym to the boardroom are what we are passionate about. As we know that we all have different fashion personalities that are inspired by our African heritage whether one is from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa or from Delta State Nigeria. As artists ourselves we will help you accessorize your style with our hand-made jewellery that captures our definition of African style.


Mission statement

Motle [meaning beautiful in Sesotho], is an online fashion,beauty and lifestyle magazine that showcases and highlights the Afro-Eurocentric perspective of fashion that we see in the streets of our cities. We do this by showcasing up and coming and established African designers and fashion participants. As artists ourselves we know how hard it is for African designers to showcase, market and promote their products. We know how many designers end up selling their products in shack boutiques and make up artists, nail technicians and hair stylists who can not afford to pay rent end up doing their work and selling their beauty, hair and nail products on the streets.

We believe that in terms of fashion , Africa has alot to offer but there is not enough platforms for upcoming designers to showcase their work. We also have seen that there are very few publications that showcase beauty tips such as afro hair care, how to brighten your skin without bleaching or DIY at home beauty tips you can do at home using things in your yard like the red soil face mask that most women put on in Kwa-Zulu Natal as a sunscreen and a face scrub.

As a magazine dedicated to the African way of fashion. We have seen how promoting the fashion industry creates jobs for many seamstresses, tailors, designers and beauticians who would otherwise be unemployed. In a country where the fashion, clothing and textile industry is on the decline and where there are high levels of unemployment. It is these small businesses that are creating jobs in the townships that are highly needed and we are proud and humbled to be a part of it. We wish to showcase our style of the African fashion evolution through our magazine and our online store. The store will have our hand made jewellery pieces on sale. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the National Shoprite initiative for the Draught Relief Programme by purchasing 5 Litres of water bottles and dropping at the designated areas within Shopite stores .The current draught a lot of people are experiencing , especially in rural KwaZulu Natal are tough and we believe that we can all do our best and assist in any way we can.

The funds will help us to continue to manufacture our hand-made jewellery, promote and market our brand as well as to give back to our community through job creation and showcasing the beautiful and unique African fashion that we are fortunate to be part of.


We will also be able to manufacture and distribute our own clothing line that is proudly South African.


Ps* You are amazing and a big THANK YOU for going through our campaign and hopefully helping us in telling the African fashion story through our magazine and store.

Kind Regards

Ste & Boris


The Team

Motle was started by the brother and sister duo, Stembile and Boris Brian Mukwambo whose love for the afro- Eurocentric fashion that they see on a daily basis on the streets of our African cities such as Durban, Johannesburg and Capetown made them want to showcase and highlight the African fashion personalities and the creators of those personalities who are the designers and their target, who are the customers.

Stembile has a degree in Finance from the University of Kwazulu Natal. She chose that degree as a means to equip herself in her entrepreneurial career. Boris Brian holds a degree in Psychology from the same university and he chose this degree so as to apply the science of psychology to the making of trends and the buying patterns of motle’s target market. This will make for a good customer intelligence gathering tool.

With the focus being on African fashion and how someone can combine the tsotsi look from South Africa’s townships with the Nigerian gele and Kenyan neck pieces shows how united the African fashion industry is. Through the combination of different looks from different parts of the continent into one unique and fashion trendy look, the founders saw the need to focus, showcase and exhibit this as opposed to being one of the many western centered fashion publications.

As artists ourselves, who make hand made jewelry, we realized that there is need of a platform for our work to reach people who would be interested in such pieces and that other designers too, need such a platform that is why we have our very own online store.

Contact Information:

Ste & Boris

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