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Mar 28, 2016 6:13 PM ET

Archived: Staging “The Armed Man”: A musical argument for peace in a world hooked on war.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 28, 2016

The Armed Man, or “Mass for Peace” is a powerful musical argument against war. A sweeping condemnation of violence, it evokes the terrible sadness, loss and waste of conflict, as well as the peace, serenity and beauty of a world in harmony. Written by Karl Jenkins – the creator of the well known “Adiemus” – it is strikingly relevant to our modern world.

Staging “The Armed Man”

The Armed Man – A musical argument for peace in a world hooked on war. Bring this exciting modern choral work to the stage in South Africa.

The Philharmonia Choir, in collaboration with the Johannesburg Symphony Choir, is bringing The Armed Man to life in October in Cape Town and Johannesburg under the baton of Richard Cock.

We aim to reach large audiences with the message that war is never the answer,and in doing so, to raise funds to support the extension of our reach and repertoire.

The choir has been in existence since 1967 and has ties across the entire world through former members and Musical Directors, Conductors and Soloists who have performed with us, and choirs who have hosted us or sung with us at various events. These people are in turn connected into musical circles that extendeven further.

Crowdfunding enables us to extend our call for support for this phenomenal project across the full breadth and scope of the musically interested network, and to reach the many others who believe – like us- that music can help us find answers to the most pressing problems in life.

As members of the choir we train together and individually – taking personal responsibility for living up to the expected standards, and organizing our time to fit in practice and performance.

Building Character

We learn discipline, teamwork, and tenacity (reading music when you aren’t a trained musician is TOUGH to begin with!!) We have to listen carefully to one another in order to work together asa unit, and to be considerate of one another, so that our voices blend ratherthan compete.

Through all these practices we create music that is very much more than the sum of its parts……

Great choral music is something truly magnificent that reaches past people’s barriers and boundaries. It communicates across cultures and speaks straight to theheart.

Just think of the power of those characteristics applied in society as a whole!

We want this experience to be available to many more Capetonians – and to do that we need to fund this project!

The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town Flash Mob

The Team

Started in 1967 by a group of experienced singers, the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town is approximately 100 members strong and made up of ordinary people who just love to sing.

Our repertoire spans serious and popular music and includes over 50 choral works including large musical compositions known as “Oratorio” – like Handel’s Messiah. The choir provides wonderful entertainment but it also serves an important purpose providing a platform for aspiring Opera Singers, many of whom have subsequently made their way onto the world stage. (Pretty Yende and Sunnyboy Dladla amongst others!)

Former Musical Directors and Choir members have made their way into major choirs elsewhere in the world, and we ourselves have hosted amazing talent including Conductors and Soloists from Britain, Norway, and the USA amongst others – all of which is great for building bridges across nations.

Performing these complex and intricate choral works takes discipline, teamwork, tenacity and commitment – all characteristics we really need to build in our community. Please support our project!!







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