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Mar 28, 2016 3:12 PM ET

Archived: Rampley & Co.: Men’s accessories company working in collaboration with some of the world’s finest art galleries.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 28, 2016


Men’s accessories company working in collaboration with some of the world’s finest art galleries.

We’re a London based men’s accessories company focusing on pocket squares but looking to expand out into ties and other accessories in the coming 12-18 months. We primarily partner with galleries and museums around the world to leverage their collections and use them as inspiration for our products and have thus far worked with the National Gallery, Tate, Wallace Collection and English Heritage among others.



    For the first year we’ve focused on doing one thing exceptionally well, identifying a particular accessory that showed significant growth in demand over the past 5 years and yet was under-serviced in terms of competition. This led us to launch exclusively producing pocket squares. We teamed up with the Tate for launch and have since partnered with the National Gallery and several other major art institutions, as well being due to launch with the V&A and British Museum. We have targeted the high end market and are due to release our first range of ties in 2016. We also plan to expand our wholesale offering for retail and our white label service for brands and corporates.


    There has been a huge increase in men’s accessories in the past 5 years and social media has made a global market even more accessible. When launching into the world of pocket squares we realised that the lower end of the market was crowded and quality was low and yet there was a demand internationally for high end accessories where quality, craftsmanship and heritage were the focus. Within the high end market, pocket squares were often an afterthought/extra for the brands producing them and the designs were primarily paisley/polka dot/flat colour and relatively similar across the board. We wanted to bring an element of art and design to our products and give them all an individual story.


    – We currently make revenue from e-commerce sales direct to the end wearer, wholesale orders from retail and the gifting market.
    – In our first year we’ve seen that we get repeat business from our clients and they continue to buy from us as they’re passionate about what we do and like to collect the many unique designs we offer.
    – We also find gifting is significant for us and we tend to get repeat business from those people that have received our product as a gift.
    – We intend to grow our B2C in 2016 through increased PR coverage and social activity and by expanding into new markets such as Japan.
    – We have two trade fairs lined up which will increase our B2B wholesale operations.


    We aim to grow the business over the next three years and then either look for Series A funding to massively increase operations or sell to a larger luxury conglomerate such as LVMH or Richemont


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