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Mar 27, 2016 2:15 PM ET

Archived: SAVE MANKWE’S RHINO: In loving memory of Patrol, Winnie and Cheeky-Cow, help fund the Mankwe Wildlife Reserve anti-poaching unit

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 27, 2016

Cindy's Photo

Cindy's Photo

Cindy's Photo

Cindy's Photo



The shockingly cruel acts of Oct. 10th 2014 which left two beautiful Rhino Cows and one unborn calf brutally slaughtered, have changed Mankwe Wildlife Reserveforever.  Not only has the team at Mankwe had to deal with shockingly cruel devastation but they’ve had to rapidly ramp guarded patrols, deploy the services of vets, conservationists and they themselves work 24×7.  The disruption continued as they embarked on the very risky exercise of dehorning the surviving Rhino’s and whilst protecting the Rhino put their own lives at risk as they airlift and store the Rhino horn offsite (at an undisclosed location).  Now as Mankwe initiates the next phase in the journey to protect their Rhino I’m appealing to all of us who hold Mankwe dear to help fund the professional anti-poaching unit, the necessary equipment such as Thermal image camera’s for night vision (infrared identification of human at night), Binoculars and Spot Lights. (the dehorning and anti-poaching activites have been financially devasting). Funds raised here will make a substantial difference in these ongoing efforts to protect the Mankwe Rhino and each and every penny will be put to special use! In loving memory of Patrol, Winnie and Cheeky-Cow!




A heart-breaking account of the rhino poaching that had you support our initiative

As Lynne MacTavish says “no Rhino, no protector of Rhino should have to go through this”.  Listen to the account from Mankwe’s farm manager Charles Theron on the grueling events of October 10th 2014.





Proud daughter of Dougal and Gill MacTavish and my beautiful sister Lynne MacTavish – I was shocked and horrified by the brutality of the Rhino Poaching – but when it hit our very own farm the devastation became so very real.  I live in California and felt helpless being so far away – and after seeing the many FB comments sent with sincere love and support I knew there were more like me who wanted to help – so I put together the Fundraiser for the Rhino of Mankwe. 



Contact Information:

Cindy White

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