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Mar 26, 2016 5:10 PM ET

Archived: The Goblin Ball 2016: A fully immersive fantasy, role-playing Masquerade Ball

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 26, 2016

The Goblin Ball 2016

By Daniel Knaggs





The story of the project

The Goblin Ball is seeking funding to run our magical Masquerade late 2016!

What is The Goblin Ball?

The Goblin Ball has been running for three years and past offerings can be seen in the following links

The Goblin Ball: Ice Kingdom http://www.thegoblinball.com/the-ice-kingdom-2013….
The Goblin Ball: Ember Rule http://www.thegoblinball.com/ember-rule-2014.html
The Goblin Ball: Terra Bayou http://www.thegoblinball.com/terra-bayou-2015.html

The Goblin Ball is a fully immersive fantasy, role-playing Masquerade Ball. Have you ever wished that you could step into a fantasy movie and become part of the action yourself? Then this is the event for you. The Goblin Ball is filled with mystery, magic and always a little mayhem and invites you to live a night in the world created by talented artists.

From the moment you purchase your ticket, you are drawn into the mythological world of the Goblin Ball, a rich history spanning four worlds where Pintina the Princess has journeyed for thousands of years to finally reach the world of Starlantis. Psychics and spirits beckon you to help solve the mysteries of The Goblin Ball.

The evening begins in the Goblin Market where you can immortalise your costume in a portrait, peruse the traders of exotic treasures or simply drink and socialise in the spirits of Starlantis. At 7.30 pm you are whisked into the main room to experience the drama of The Goblin Ball mythology and explore or lounge in a Victorian inspired parlour. The ghosts and psychics interact as magicians perform devilish deeds to delight. Will you watch the burlesque of beauties or will you explore the haunted corridors. At 8.00 pm the you are treated to David Bowie’s greatest hits and an 80s-90s mix of DJ led dance in the Spirit Closet (A disco of the dead). The night draws you deeper into the chambers of Starlantis where you will witness the best dressed, seances galore or simply more spirits in your cup. As the dream draws to a close you will learn the revelation of where guests will be invited to next year… but you already helped influence that choice…

What is the world of Starlantis?
Through an extensive mythology Pintina has travelled the worlds of the cold Ice Kingdom, battled the flames of Ember Rule and poisoned by the swamps of Terra Bayou. In Starlantis she is summoned by a great seance and brought to life by the Psychic Fox sisters. The world of Starlantis is inhabited by mediums, spirit talkers and spirits themselves. It is essentially a haunted world where those who have passed from other realms gather and seek revenge. A victorian spiritualist inspired world where the darkness is brought into the light through old style phantasmagoric special effects. Expect to be Spooked.

How is this different?
Unlike other Masquerades, we create a living breathing world for you to interact with; the characters you encounter help shape your night and also form relationships with you. Not only are you entertained by magicians, burlesque dancers and live bands, your evening is guided by characters who summon spirits and ringmasters who wish the worst. Imagine a fantasy movie where you help determine the outcome of the storyline and make a mark on the history of the world. Will you battle with those righteous or will you sway those to the dark veil?

Your choice of experience
The Goblin Ball allows two levels of experience for the night at no additional cost. If you choose to you can observe and explore. Take photos with the amazing costumes, experience the entertainment and the magical performances and drink the night away while dancing to amazing music with your friends.
Maybe you prefer to be more involved? Create a character and throw yourself into the storyline. Connect with creatures and tell your story to the guests and spirits of Starlantis. Any form of involvement is appreciated and adds to the experience of the night.

The Quests
The guests can engage in predetermined Quests that allow them to prepare a ritual and complete a storyline for a reward. These rewards are kept secret till completion and guests who wish to quest are required to perform a ritual or task on the night. On successfully completing they are provided with a small reward for their troubles and the ability to change the outcome of the night.

Trinket Trading
We encourage guests to bring trinkets and treasures to trade with one another on the night. This can be a scroll of your characters history, treasures that your world hold dear or special. Believe us, you can gather a lot of goodies from fellow guests and creatures so be sure to bring a bag to keep your goodies in.

How long is it running?
The Goblin Ball is usually held on the winter solstice for one night only. This coming year we are aiming for an August date. It runs for approx 5 hours with live performances and three theatrical scenes that are altered depending on the events of the night. This means that you have control on the outcome of the story at every step. Through the night experience live music, magic and dance performances with a little circus thrown in for good measure.

Who Can Attend?
The Goblin Ball has a strict over 18s policy as this is a licensed event. You will be using your whits in order to solve mysteries and play games through the night in order to solve the riddles of Starlantis and this requires great drunken skill.

The Best Dressed
A parade of costumes walks the length of the ballroom turning and entertaining the guests at their whim. A hand selected 20 guests take their chance at winning a ticket to the next masquerade and also a prize pack worth a pretty penny. Could you be selected for the parade? Come all dressed up and take your chances. Updates provided for the best dressed prizes and what to expect on the night are announced before the ball.

The Goblin Ball has something for everyone to enjoy, relax and throw yourself into the magic of the night. It’s only forever, it’s not long at all…

The Goblin Ball

The Running of the Goblin Ball
7.00 – Door Open
8.00 – Introduction (The Ringmasters and Characters)
8.30 – Dancing
9.30 – Entertainment: Burlesque or Magic
10.30 – Second scene and Costume Parade
11.30 – Conclusion
12.00 Curtain Call and journey to the local bars for drinks.

In the past year this has been held at The Northcote town hall but due to booking restraints we are unable to provide the same experience as before. We will do our best to produce an equally magical experience however it will be like nothing you have seen before so come with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Read further regarding venue restrictions

The Quests

The Quests are an important part of the Goblin Ball, they allow guests to immerse themselves into the story and change the course of The Goblin Ball history. Previous years we have had these quests as a “sign up on the night” arrangement but to ensure those who are true dedicants to the cause, we have added them as a reward for the night. Sign up and become part of the action for the evening. Be rewarded for your effort and take away treasure and a coin to buy your way into the Goblin Ball history.

The Venue

Currently we are shopping around for venue options. This will determine if we operate all attractions in the same room and have specific areas of activity or if we split everything into seperate rooms like previous years. The good news we will ensure as much magic and mystery is experienced regardless of venue.

We aim for a night between August and October depending on booking restrictions and will work hard to ensure the night runs on a night available for most. With venue and date being the first to be secured you will have more than enough time to prepare and costume!

Previously the Goblin Ball has been held at both The Regal Ballroom and The Northcote town hall. This year however we have learnt The Northcote town hall is booked. This will require us to seek another venue however through research we believe we will find something that will suit the new format and hope to bring a new venue to life. We are seeking a venue that is close to the City and hopefully close to additional venues (or venues allowing us to party on into the night!). We can’t wait to play with you all!

Details are subject to change (not too much) based on venue restrictions however we can guarantee you will be able to party the night away as we cram as much fun and interaction into an amazing venue! We are aiming between Aug – October dates.

If you have requests for venues of consideration please feel free to email your suggestions to askus@thegoblinball.com

Previously the event was split over four experiences – and although these may be combined in various room combinations, most if not all will be available on the night.

The Foyer / Bar 6.30 – 12.00
Here you can cloak your jacket and get a drink and lounge on the chairs

The Goblin Traders 7.00 – 12.00
Get your photo snapped or peruse the many Goblin Traders, maybe get your fortune told?

The Main Event 7.30 – 12.00
Here is where the whole action takes place. Dance the night away and explore the seance tables. Introduce yourself to a guest or a creature – your night is just beginning.

The DJ 8.00 – 11.30
Party the night away to a dedicated mix of retro tunes.

We will be restricted on the venues limitations but we will be working hard to bring the magic and entertainment in a different format.

How the funds will be used

The Breakdown of Costs
The Goblin Ball isn’t a cheap event to run and there are many costs associated with the overall production. A lot of the initial costs are covered by the production crew to start with and delayed payment on accounts where possible. Unfortunately as this masquerade has been running for some time under this model it has no longer become viable as everyday living expenses have got in the way. Below is an indicative running sheet of how previous events have been costed and we expect the costs to be the same or similar.

The Actors and Production Crew
We are a family of creatives who are working together to create something magical and amazing for guests and friends alike. What we do is important for the culture of costumery and fantasy to grow within the city and this is why we are seeking full engagement and contribution over a wide variety of artists.

We have such power and talent within our group so why not leverage what we have and form a stronger experience not only for those involved in creating, but also for our guests. We do this without any monetary compensation as we believe in what we create and are ultimately doing this as a way to connect and grow the community.

Some of my other work

Previous Work
Our team have been doing this for quite some time, since 2000 and with over 13 years of event and production experience under our belts you can be guaranteed an experience to remember.

2000 – The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade, Ashcombe Maze

2001 – The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade, Hedgend Maze

2013 – The Goblin Ball: Ice Kingdom, The Regal Ballroom
Press: http://www.au.timeout.com/melbourne/clubs/events/6…

2014 – The Goblin Ball: Ember Rule, Northcote Town Hall
Press: http://www.beat.com.au/content/goblin-ball-returns…

2015 – The Goblin Ball: Terra Bayou, Northcote Town Hall
Press: http://www.beat.com.au/arts/goblin-ball-0


The Challenges we face at the moment is securing a venue however we are extremely confident with enough tweaking we will be able to secure the right venue and deliver something spectacular! Stay tuned!

Constant updates and information will be provided as needed however we are seeking somewhere central.

Project Team

Daniel Knaggs

Melbourne, Australia

A small business owner with a love for the fantasy realm. Come join me on my journey of magic and mayhem.


Contact Information:

Daniel Knaggs

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