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Archived: BLACKTOWHITE: Our film discusses the difficult journey refugees go through when settling into a new country

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The story of the project

The worst humanitarian crisis of our time. 5 years of  violence, loss and despair. 
The Syrian civil war shattered millions of families, over 3 million syrians escaped their homes, their land and left everything behind them to start a new life. Others were forced to flee their homes and a lot more have been killed! 

Our film Black to White discusses the difficult journey refugees go through when settling into a new country. Their fear, feeling of detachment, and how they are treated differently because they happened to be from a war torn country, and most importantly their struggle to rescue their minds from the horror they have experienced in the war zone.

How the funds will be used

Budget Breakdown

Department CostCamera + Light + Sound Equipment 600 AUD Transportation + Catering 500 AUD Art Department (Set decor/design+ props + Costumes)1000 AUDLocations400 AUD Post Production500 AUD Total 3000 AUD 

Project Team

Daniela Ercoli

Melbourne, AU 

Hi, I’m Daniela. I’m from Perugia, a beautiful town in the heart of Italy. I am a film industry gypsy and I travel to follow my dream; to be a Film Producer.

When I was 24, I moved from my hometown to a metropolitan city called Milan (a fashion and design crazed city). In Milan I studied Media and Communication and I worked on TV shows, at events, on short films and a music video.

Then 3 years ago I packed all my stuff into a big 30kg bag and flew to Melbourne with my dream and a new goal: to learn and speak English. I am 30 now and I live in Melbourne with a student Visa. Things are going slower than I had imagined but my persistence is stronger than before. Last year I started to offer my skills as a production assistant and now I am involved in short films and music videos for an Indi Film Production.

I am a well-experienced producer and I have the knowledge to make a bigger step – to accept the challenge to be the official producer of Black to White. On this project I will give my 110% efforts.

Hi, I’ m Sarah, I’m an Arab Film maker, from Jordan, I moved to Melbourne a year ago. I was working as a freelance filmmaker on a number of projects between the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. I studied Digital Film Making, Cinematography, in addition to a course of Theatre Drama. I started my career in Media in January 2009 as a Director/Producer in a TV Station on various TV shows tackling issues related to women, youth, and society. I decided to explore the world of Drama and Arabic TV Series so I worked as a 2nd and 1st AD on nine TV series, and also produced several promotional videos.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the desire to understand the world we are in. To be able to comprehend the events surrounding me, the action that takes place, and to understand life instead of just watching it pass by. This innate nature stayed with me while growing up, making me plunge into the world of filmmaking as an educational and career path.

Sarah Khalaf

Amman, Jordan


Contact Information:

Daniela Ercoli and Sarah Khalaf

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