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Archived: Sprayable – World’s First Topical Energy and Sleep Spray: The safest, most effective way to boost your energy or fall asleep quickly

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World’s First Topical Energy and Sleep Spray

Sprayable has created the safest, most effective way to boost your energy or fall asleep quickly.

Our patented topical products are sprayed on the skin, making their active ingredients much more effective and fast-acting than traditional, orally ingested products such as dietary supplements.

The fatal flaw of dietary supplements isn’t their main ingredients: it’s their method of delivery.

And because our intellectual property is protected, we’re the only company that can offer the revolutionary energy and sleep sprays.

People all over the world have already discovered Sprayable:  

Now, we’re ready for what comes next: new products, new customers and a revolution that will change the face of sleep and energy aids once and for all.

Many of those 150 million turn to sleeping pills for relief, but sleeping pills are often ineffective, or worse- they’re so strong they come with significant side effects.

We’re not sleeping, and to make up for it, we dose ourselves with as much caffeine as possible.

That’s not healthy.

Modern life moves at a frantic pace. It’s unlike anything the human race has seen before, and our bodies are having trouble keeping up.

So we take sleeping pills to calm our restless nerves, and turn to caffeine when that doesn’t work.

The problem is our solutions—sleeping pills and energy drinks—are wildly inefficient and unsafe.

When we take sleeping pills, the active ingredients have to travel through our entire digestive system before becoming available to our bodies. Not only does that take an extreme amount of time (time that could be spent sleeping), it’s also ineffective.

And when our body finally absorbs the ingredient, it does so all at once, not in the time-released way that our bodies naturally release chemicals.

When we wake up from a restless night thanks to inefficient sleeping pills, we turn to caffeine to make up the difference.

The problem is that coffee binges are extremely unhealthy, dosing us with huge amounts of caffeine and leaving us weak and jittery when the crash inevitably comes.

Or, if energy drinks are our drug of choice, we get our caffeine wrapped in huge amounts of sugar, resulting in a dramatic spike in blood-sugar on top of the caffeine rush, and a crash that leaves us desperate for a bed.

Sprayable ends the madness.

Here’s why: almost all sleep aids use the same active ingredient. The same is true of energy drinks (caffeine).

The Sprayable difference isn’t in our active ingredients. It’s in the delivery method. And the delivery method makes all the difference.

Transdermal delivery, or delivery through the skin, bypasses the digestive tract altogether, so the active ingredient starts to work almost immediately. And because it doesn’t get diluted by the liver, it takes much, much less of the active ingredient to do its job.

So we can use much less of the active ingredient to produce better results.

For our sleep spray, that means you fall asleep quickly.

For our energy spray, it means you get a consistent, even energy boost without the crash.

Our sleep spray releases melatonin, the same chemical that your brain naturally produces to tell your body when it’s time to sleep. Because of the delivery method, our spray is effective even while using 100 times less melatonin than traditional melatonin products.

And because it bypasses the digestive tract, it can release the melatonin gradually, mimicking the body’s natural process, time-releasing the ingredient to help you stay asleep all night.

Our sprayable energy contains no sugars, calories or artificial ingredients, so it’ssignificantly healthier than energy drinks.

Because the caffeine doesn’t pass through your digestive system, it takes less to get more of the effect, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive stomachs, or with sensitivity to caffeine.

Our melatonin-based sleep spray is the first of its kind to help anyone sleep better without addictive pills.

Our caffeine-based spray is the first of its kind  to give users a healthier, more effective alternative to energy drinks.

It’s all in the delivery.

We expected that Sprayable would make waves, but we’ve been blown away by the response.

Both of our spray products are now fully developed and on the market, with 50,000+ units sold to more than 90 countries.

We’re off to a great start, but there’s so much more to come.

Soon, we’re going to introduce two new products. One will alleviate stress, and one will help with weight loss. Both will deliver faster, more effective, safer results through transdermal delivery.

With the products in place and our hard work protected, we’re going big as we advance talks with big-name partners for distribution and marketing.

2016 is going to be a big year for Sprayable. This is the year we start to transform the sleep and energy products industry.

Deven is a former VC investor with funds including Highland Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, as well as holding early roles at NexTag, an online shopping company acquired for over $1bn. Deven started his career as an m&a focused investment banker at Lazard.

Ben studied biochemistry at Harvard before dropping out to accept a $100,000 grant by billionaire PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel as part of the inaugural class of the Thiel Fellowship. He used that grant to co-found Sprayable.

Dan brings 13 years of experience in web design, software engineering and network administration, along with deep experience with cutting-edge web technologies from companies like Mindgeek, InfiniGlobal and iSoftBet.

Dimitar has more than 15 years of operations management education and experience. Previously the Chief Advisory Officer of Xeon International, and the Operations Manager for Superior Processing, he also served as a management consultant with Mercer Management Consulting and Deloitte Consulting.

A 20-year veteran of customer service and content management, Shudeep brings rich customer service experience from his time at Facebook, Intuit, oDesk, Sutherland Global Services, Alamy, Inc., Greenpeace International and Trinity Worldwide.

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