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Mar 24, 2016 6:29 PM ET

Archived: The Gentle Void Art Gallery – a space for the art community to have shows and exhibits, play gigs, or just sell their own work on commission

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 24, 2016

The Gentle Void Art Gallery

By Luffy Rae and Matthew Sertori



The story of the project

The Gentle Void is an Art Gallery.
It’s a gallery that will be filling a void that exists in Hobart.
We think Hobart needs a consistent establishment to support the local alternative arts and music scene, and also a touchdown point for alternative artists from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

This space will be for all kinds of artists! The Gentle Void is for painters, illustrators, drawing people, designers, street artists, graffers, musicians.. just everyone! It will be a space for the art community to have shows and exhibits, play gigs, or just sell their own work on commission.

To start with we will be hiring out two floors of our building as gallery spaces, running group shows, holding drawing clubs and art classes, putting on artist workshops, having gigs, but also importantly stock stuff like artist made prints, zines, comics, pins, stickers, necklaces and other tiny things. We also really want to encourage and support emerging artists and artschool students with affordable ways to display their work, such as regular internal group shows and the front window gallery space.

We will even have a Baby Void Club so that children from 8 – 14 (and younger if accompanied by an adult) can get in on the creative action and be part of the art community. We are planning on running a riso / screen printing service for making zines and posters, and selling old format 120 film and other hard to get art supplies.

Eventually we would like to hold Artist residencies and get Artists from other states to come down for a week and make art in the space, and also hire out areas as studio space for people that need to work in town.
On a side note we will be holding Gigs and E.P launches for local alternative musicians, and have a space for musicians to play to people who want to actually listen (and not just get drunk and play poker machines).

We have high hopes, but we think Hobart is in desperate need for a space like this, we have volunteers ready to run the space so all we need is to rent the building, put on the power, find some insurance and get this thing going!

How the funds will be used

These are our basic startup costs as quoted to us by the landlord.
Rent : $33,800
Rent GST (10%) : $3380
Outgoings : $6000
Outgoings GST (10%) : $600

$21,890 – LEVEL 1
If we can reach $21,890 we can pay our rent & outgoings to our landlord for 6 MONTHS
(+ $1,094.5 which is Pozible’s 5% cut of the crowdfunding = $22,945)

$43,780 – LEVEL 2
If we can reach $43,780 we can pay our rent & outgoings to the landlord for THE YEAR!

$50,000 – LEVEL 3
If we can reach $50,000 not only can we fully pay our rent & outgoings for a whole year, but we can also pay for A YEAR OF INSURANCE. This is really important.

$55,000 – LEVEL 4
If we can reach $55,000 not only can we fully pay our rent & outgoings for a whole year, plus get a whole single years worth of insurance. But we can also outfit the gallery with important stuff like displays, chairs, tables, easles, counters. We can paint the front of the building yellow, and put a nice sign with our name on it up on the front of the gallery. (And hopefully purchase a few Nanna Rugs, if you are a Nanna and would like to donate a rug please email hello@thegentlevoid.com).

Eventually we are hoping by the end of the 2016 our gallery will be making enough money to turn itself over, but at the moment everyone will be volunteering their time to get this thing going, no one will be paid or making any profit as we start this baby up. Everyone involved is just super keen to see a creative arts and music space up and going in the centre of Hobart.

Some of my other work

We are Artists, Musicians, Fine Arts Students, Curators, Music & Events Promoters.
But we are also people just like you.
Our volunteers are people from both ends of the scale, and will all be working together to make this thing sustainable and amazing!


Booking ourselves out with Back to Back exhibitions for an entire year.
But these gaps will be filled by internal group shows, hiring out the gallery rooms for functions and holding workshops.

Project Team

Luffy Rae

Hobart, AU


Matthew Sertori

Hobart, AU



Contact Information:

Luffy Rae and Matthew Sertori

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