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UTOPIA: The New Face In Retail, Create Jobs, Abolish Poverty

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The New Face In Retail, Create Jobs, Abolish Poverty

Saint Petersburg, Florida, US

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Utopia, is a startup project, fully executed from the bottom up, but nothing is possible unless the proper financing is in place, the idea is to create a manufacturing facility, with enough space for growth and expansion, we will Manufacture many categories of Furniture, Clothing, and Jewelry as well as Some Food Products, the factory will provide much needed employment for the people that need it most, the workshop will provide training to a vanished workforce and provide crosstraining in all areas, bringing manufacturing back to America.

The business model calls for a stand alone self contained Manufacturing Facility with distribution and support to our respected locations, and online customers, the key is in the design and production departments, with skilled technicians and local distribution, as well as a state of the art facility, in a centralized location, we will create a well managed business model for future expansion, while creating fresh new innovative American made products with a scalable inventory, the retail stores will offer many of the categories found in most of today’s stores, with a full food market and a variety of departments featuring only American brands.

After three months of initial training and startup we will provide a skilled workforce and sufficient inventory to launch our website and stores, fully scalable according to projections and demand, also we will support all other American Manufactures who have products that are sellable, 60% of products will get produced by us and the remainder of 40% will come from outside vendors.

the factory requires A minimum of 80,000 -100,000 SQFT Space With $150,000 per month in Raw Materials and $500,000 in Equipment Purchase.

The long term goal is to continue, designing, manufacturing and training while launching as many retail stores as possible 10 stores the first year and 30 stores after two years, also provide a strong online presence, then repeat the magic across America also open stores in other countries, and increasing exports.



  • Create good paying jobs, Stimulate The Economy, Support American MFG
  • Rebuild Manufacturing, Build Americas Workforce
  • Abolish Homelessness, Instill Dignity


Utopia, is a Manufacturing Company/Retailer that will Manufacture and sell 100% American Made Product, while supporting many other American Manufacturers


Hi, I’m Ray I spent most of my life working in the jewelry manufacturing industry, since 1980 at age 16 I worked at a local Brooklyn supermarket in a Managment position, I very quickly developed strong work ethics, within a few years an opportunity was available to work in Manhattan for a famous designer named Jan Feld, I was just 18 when I assisted Mr Feld with all factory production and manufacturing, during that time I quickly learned Diamond Setting, polishing and jewelry assembly while learning unique quality control techniques and standards, since then I dedicated over 30 years to the Jewelry manufacturing industry, working for Zales as a field inspector and operating my own business for 10 years, employing over 400 workers and annual sales over $3 Million, between 2005-2008 business got very bad, it was difficult to manufacture in America, not because of the lack of demand, but because most manufacturers where forced to move overseas, I was a sub-contractor selling designs and labor to manufacturers, most of my customers lost everything therefore putting me out of business, after the dust settled my industry was gone, having no choice but to seek out another carrier.

Since 2009 I moved to Tampa Bay Florida, where I currently work in transportation, it’s good employment with a good company, they offer many benefits including, retirement plan, paid vacation, medical, dental and optical insurance, with plenty of overtime, also family leave when needed, so I’m not doing so bad, but my passion is in manufacturing, my intention when fully funded is to dedicate 100% of my time towards this venture.

I am married with a wonderful wife, and A 21 year old son who works as a land surveyor, my family is very large always making a strong effort to have a annual family reunion, my siblings are all professionals but are also feeling the full impact of the recession, like most entrepreneurs we cannot be stopped, I would love for you to invest and make my goals, your goals, I know I will not let you down, my mission is simple, get funded and get working, and along the way make money and change lives, join me for a successful journey into history, we can make a difference.

everyday while doing my job I see many of the problems facing America, especially homelessness, and poverty, I see businesses opening then within a few months closing, and I also see how many are frustrated and have few options available, most people are living paycheck to paycheck barley making enough to contribute to society, capitol must circulate to stimulate the economy, my desire is to help people by creating a competitive market with good wages and benefits, in Utopia people will feel at home, proud and true, imagine you and your children wearing clothes that are American made your home furnished with products that stimulate our economy and change peoples lives, this is the ground floor of opportunity, join us into the history books.

A project of this size and investment requires commitment and dedication, I believe most people are looking for good stable employment, as well as American Manufactured Products, bringing pride and substance to our existence, most people wonder “How About Competition” well if creating jobs and stimulating the economy is the end result, then “competition is welcomed.


Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony


Over 30 Years Jewelry Manufacturing, General Management from 1980-1995, Self Employed, 1995-2013, Complete knowledge of all aspects of production and manufacturing.
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Ray Anthony

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