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Mar 22, 2016 6:38 PM ET

The Killer Within – Edge of your seat action thriller full of unexpected twists: Animal Allies will receive 50% of all the ebook and printed book sales

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 22, 2016

The Killer Within

Edge of your seat action thriller packed with twists which I would love to self publish.

If you love reading a good thriller then you are going to LOVE this novel written by movie script writer Janice. It’s full of unexpected twists, with no gory scenes. I guarantee you’ll not know who the killer is until Janice reveals him, or her, in the story. PLUS 50% of all sales will be donated to Animal Allies to help fund a mobile unit for animals in townships – so come on, help Janice fund the marketing of this project and become a part of THE KILLER WITHIN…


25 Years ago a young man murdered his wife then buried a small object which he thought caused him to murder her.

Present day, midnight, and a paranoid young woman, who has recently become engaged to a billionaire, is on her way home along an isolated road. Her mind is on her fiancé, how strange he has been acting and the fact that that morning she found a list of a serial killer’s victims hidden in his study. Her thoughts are interrupted when an unknown killer shoots at the tyre of her car.

Having made it through the accident, the young woman tries to stop an oncoming vehicle. Two, uncanny, incidents now occur one of which being that she finds the object that the young man buried 25 years ago.

At this point, her fiancé looks extremely suspicious for you see whilst she is traveling along the country road he receives two phone calls.The first call is brief, and to the point, and reveals that he is paying someone to do something that he wants no one to know about. The second call is from an unknown, husky voiced woman, who asks him if he loves his fiancé. His answer stuns the woman and her response stuns him.

In the meantime, the man who originally buried the object 25 years ago is arguing with his only daughter, when he realizes that someone has found the object, and he rushes off to find it.At precisely the same time, the paranoid woman phones her brother and asks him for help.

When her brother arrives at the accident scene she tells him that she is certain her fiancé is trying to kill her and that he is the serial killer the police are after.She also reveals that she seen her doppelganger. Her brother calms her down telling her that her paranoia has surfaced again and that there’s no way in hell her fiancé is a killer, but then the fiancé arrives at the scene and the brother becomes suspicious.

After another near death accident at her fiancé’s house the paranoid woman’s brother decides to move into the cottage on the property to keep an eye on her. His girlfriend moves in with him and she just happens to be the daughter of the man who buried the object 25 years ago.

Things begin to take a turn for the worst, when the paranoid woman meets the family of the serial killer’s latest victim, and finding out an important fact she rushes to the cops to tell them that she is certain her fiancé is the killer.They don’t believe her, and so she decides to kill him herself.

As she lies in waiting at the mansion to kill him, the man who buried the object 25 years ago turns up, and to his shock so does his daughter, the paranoid woman’s brother, and the paranoid woman’s fiancé. But nothing is what it really seems and the scene is now set for an unforgettable ending, as we find out who the serial killer is, who lives and who dies.

And just as we think the story has ended, we find out one very important fact, which leaves us waiting, with baited breath, for the sequel.


I love writing it’s one of my passions. I started off by writing lyrics for songs then progressed to writing movie scripts. I have written “Bankably Nuts” (as pictured above) a short comedy movie script which Michael West from Cloud Thirteen Productions produced recently. Sadly, Michael passed away in November 2015 but the movie will still be premiered in Rhode Island, USA in 2016. I have also written “Linked” a full length feature movie which is being produced in 2016 by Vincent Simoneau – CineVita Films and Productions in Canada. In my spare time I take my dog hiking at the lovely Riefvlei Farm in the South of JHB.


I have already had the book edited, chosen the cover and uploaded the book onto smashwords. Please visit to download and read the first 20% of the ebook for free. If you like it then please pop back to this site and help fund the marketing side of the book.

I would like to utilize the funds received from you for printing copies of the book plus marketing and advertising the book. There are numerous sites on the web to advertise and I will be selecting as many as possible to run banner adverts to sell the book in ebook and printed copy formats. I will also be trying to secure radio interviews about the book, and will bring along one of Animal Allies personnel with me. I had previously signed with a publisher in the USA and had named the book “Paranoid” but the publisher closed shop unexpectedly and so I decided to self publish my own book.

As I have mentioned, Animal Allies will receive 50% of all the ebook and printed book sales.

Contact Information:

Janice Foster

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