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Mar 22, 2016 2:10 PM ET

Archived: Tech Monkeys Kids Escape: Providing mainly children and young adults a chance to succeed in the future by teaching them about computers and technology

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 22, 2016

Tech Monkeys Kids Escape


A company suppling a walk in Gamer/Kids Escape Club that teaches kids about Technology which is crucial for their future.


We are new company called Tech-Monkeys in the Surrey area, we will be providing mainly children and young adults a chance to succeed in the future by teaching them about computers and technology.

We won’t be limited to children and young adults however, we will be offering training on any electronic and repair to anyone who asks. We want to help the older generation learn about technology and show them just how easy it would be, so we will be offering a “Oldie” Package for the over 50’s.


We would like to offer these services to families who can’t afford the weekly/monthly fee for free, that’s what we are collecting today.


  • A place for kids to come in a safe secure place to learn activities that involve building robots that teach about the future of solar tech and robotics, making video games, outdoor rocket launching, video game championships involving Minecraft/Call Of Duty type games, multiplayer server building and group competitions, 3d printing prophetic limbs and complicated objects, challenge each other and make life long friends.


  • Events to take groups to geek events such as E3 & Comic Con


  • You can walk in and get taught how to do something on any electronic tech.


  • A chill area where people can walk in with their laptop or tablet and sit down on a bean bag or chair and use our free wifi and have fun, a coffee machine and snacks will be provided.


  • Online Local Gaming evenings/nights; we will seek late night operating hours from the council to operate group gaming in the shop and have contests and competitions on who wins the online multiplayer with a small entry fee, like Games Workshop but on a group of computers.


  • A fun work environment where my employees can have fun and go in the way that Google are with their employee’s. Employees will have the option to wear branded fashionable but professional clothes or a monkey onesie to go with the name.


  • Our employees will have a catch phrase like a few companies are doing now like apple’s “genius” or Geek Squads “Special Agents” but ours will be a catchy “Tech Monkey”.


  • “Oldie” offers for teaching how to use a computer or other electronic device by a calm and slow paced “Tech Monkey”.


Project owner

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