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Archived: Ox Knocks – Service is available anywhere you live: Tasks based app benefits those in need of help at a reasonable price and those who need extra money

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Ox Knocks 


The name? Well that came from the big blue Ox in Paul Bunyan of grand folklore being a workhorse (work Ox?) along with the word Knocks simply meaning service is available anywhere you live. The app was created because of two simple issues that arose within one week and some other major opportunities and requests. The first, my daughters were all sick and they wanted some special soup from a place that didn’t deliver (not cool). There was no way I’ would put 3 sick kids in a car just for soup even though it’s tasty. Next, the weekend comes about and I needed to cut the grass and have the house cleaned for a showing. Well being lazy, I didn’t want to do either of those chores. So after searching online for some free task apps I could not find one that serviced any area outside of a big metropolitan area and they didn’t allow bids to lower prices! Time to put those college degrees to work……a year later Ox Knocks was live on the market (Android and Apple). On the flip side I also implemented a bid system for workers. So prices could be changed up or down depending on the workload and those looking for work could find it. Like my brother who has had it tough since the market downturn or college students looking to earn extra cash. Those may seem like minor issues but when you are struggling a college student like I was, looking for a way to relieve debt or someone who lost their job needing to pay bills like many in my community, this app will be a intricate part in providing for your family. The app will be a benefit to those in need for help at a reasonable price (car fixed, dog walked, babysitting, homework help, etc.) and all who need extra money.

The money raised will be for app enhancements and continued marketing. The user base is currently growing above 400+ since launch at the beginning of 2016 with positive feedback.

What makes this app so unique

  • This app unlike other tasks based apps does two things. 1). It is available in all markets, small and large. 2). This app allows people to bid on tasks. Those are the two most common complaints and task based apps that we solve for while keeping things simple for those needing to make money and those needing to find help for any service.

Why we need your support

  • App enhancements
  • Marketing
  • Windows and site build
Contact Information:

Explonyx LLC

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