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Archived: AMERICANO: Photo Documentary Book resulting from a 35 000KM Motorcycle Journey Across The Americas

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Between November 2014 and October 2015, I completed a solo motorcycle journey from Montréal, Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina, followed by a ride up to Buenos Aires and a relay by bus through Uruguay and Brazil, thus covering a total distance of 35 000 kilometers by land through 18 countries.Using photography as a focal point for engaging dialogue with locals. I coordinated the production of a collective documentary project that gathered the participation of over 150 people from all the countries I visited:

Having now returned home to Montreal, I would like to synthesize the results from my travels across the Americas within a Photo Documentary Book. This 200 colour pages, Coffee-Table style book will contain Photographic Interviews and Stories of the people I have met, along with more personal reflections on notions such as pluralism, intercultural solidarity and collective identity.

My hope is that this book becomes a sort of vehicle by which you may also explore, dream and discover The Great Americas!


What are the funds for?

Why Crowdfunding?

Because printing a 200 colour page book, locally in Canada, requires a significant financial commitment!

Through your contributions and pre-orders. I will be able to benefit from economies of scales in terms of order volume, while also making sure the quantity of books printed reflects true audience interest!

The objective of this crowdfunding campaign is therefore to support the production and costs related to printing the book.

The profits generated from this campaign will be used to finance a photo exhibit to be held in Montreal in the Summer of 2016, as well as speaking engagements in the community around themes such as Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Learning and Global Citizenship in the context of the Americas.


A Photo Exhibit in Montreal:

My objective is to organize the second edition of a Photo Exhibit titled “Qué Ves Cuando Me Ves” (What do you see when you see me) which I had the opportunity to present in Buenos Aires, Argentina last September/October 2015. My goal is to create an opportunity for the community to interact physically with the photographs, the stories they capture, as well as with each other:

Pictures taken from the “Qué Ves Cuando Me Ves” exhibit organized with the support of theEmbassy of Canada to Argentina and the Cooperativa de la Imagen in Buenos Aires.

About the project owner

Born in Montréal, Canada in 1984 from a family of Cambodian war refugees. Jimmy has a strong interest towards questions of social justice and cultural citizenship. He believes strongly that the Arts and Culture are key and essential factors in responding positively to the challenges that globalization present to society.Before embarking on his motorcycle journey across the Americas, Jimmy worked as a Program Officer at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in Ottawa. Previous to that, he was as a Political Advisor to a Member of the Canadian Parliament and also worked as a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Trainer with Free The Children, a Canadian Non-Profit.

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