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Mar 21, 2016 6:59 PM ET

Archived: Love Runs Out by Muti Films: Two housemates find themselves competing for the same boy, but when they both get him it’s time for the hedonism to end and life to get serious

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 21, 2016




Two housemates find themselves competing for the same boy, but when they both get him it’s time for the hedonism to end and life to get serious, if Julie has her way. Jan and Troy both have other plans.


About This Project

Love Runs Out –

a Feature film

LOVE RUNS OUT is a film about young people making mistakes; a film about the future, in the present, without judgement.

For a new generation, the rainbow nation is ridiculous, and it is issues of the heart that are constant. Love is fleeting, heartbreak is imminent, and the only way to believe in the love of your youth is to lie to yourself about it.

Jan & Julie, both conspiring to bang the current up for grabs fucboi, Troy, end up falling into a three way relationship that tests the limits of their modernity.

Julie’s younger, attention seeking, sister Jesse impulsively without telling anyone, to get in a car with a bunch of ravers and drive clean across the country to Oppikoppi.

Julie freaks out. Troy offers to help. Jan rolls his eyes.

Award winning filmmaker and culture journalist Roger Young finally gets it together to make his first feature film.

Based on his own beautiful mistakes made coming of age between 1990 rave culture in Cape Town and the multicultural utopia of Yeoville in1994, Love Runs Out is a ramshackle mistaken falling in love with the wrong people heart shattering paean to young love, live music and three way sex on MDMA.

Shot in live venues and clubs and bars and at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and in the dust bowl of Oppikoppi, it features music and performances by:

The Frown
Thomas Krane
Fruit and Veg
Black Math
Petite Noir
Felix Laband
The Brother Moves On


The grand reward for participants in this crowdfunding campaign is accessible to even the smallest ticket holder. Every entrant will receive an entry into the draw (the amount of entries is dependant on the amount of money contributed) to win a night out consisting of dinner and drinks with the lead cast members.


Roger Young’s collaboration with Muti Films began with what was to become his award winning short film Keys Money Phone, which was followed by a second short: Boat Girls

Watch this film: KEYS, MONEY, PHONE

Winner of Best South African Short at the 2014 Durban International Film Festival, Keys, Money Phone enjoyed critical acclaim and a successful international film festival run.

Starring Anton Taylor, Amy Louise Wilson and Mzi Vava, the film tells the story of Sebastian Hitchens, a young suburbanite who, after a night of heavy drinking, loses his material possessions. What follows is his futile attempts at convincing his friends to help him out with a couch to crash on until the morning.

Watch this film: BOAT GIRLS

The second collaboration was a result of Roger co-writing a short film script with the 3 lead actresses: Michelle Du Plessis, Amy Louise Wilson and Sive Gubangxa.

Filmed over a single reluctantly taken car journey, Boat Girls explores a fractured relationship between two school friends who haven’t spoken for half a decade.


Milestone 1 (Tipping Point) – R50 000

This Fifty Thousand is the absolute minimum we can scrape through on. Roger Young will probably have to go live in the park but hey, that’s filmmaking.

Milestone 2 – R168 000

The money raised through the campaign will contribute towards hard costs such as location fees, art department, gear rental, on set catering and travel to Johannesburg.

The Team


Roger Young may have a reputation as a no-compromise writer who deals with music, film and youth culture on the reg, but what is not so well known about him is that this approach comes from having been immersed in filmmaking and youth culture for his whole life. His career started in the early 90s and has led him through directing music videos for the Springbok Nude Girls, Moonchild and Dookoom, TVCs for brands such as Hyundai and Adidas, fashion and editorial stills for Elle, Jalouse, Marie Claire, Benetton’s Colours magazine and the legendary SL magazine, he’s also co-created TV series such as Scandal, and the late 90s art show experiment Flux.

It is the fact that he maintains a flourishing career in journalism that is instrumental in his ability to always be one step ahead of the zeitgeist. From co-creating the online platform Mahala to his journalistic endeavours in titles such as City Press, Mail & Guardian, Rolling Stone and Daily Maverick. His work can also be found on Vice’s Noisey and The Con. It’s easy to spot the driving theme of his work: the vastly different elements of South African society, connecting with the youth and sharing valuable experiences through hard-hitting social commentary.

Shanna Freedman (Producer)
From commercials under pressure to short films on a shoestring budget, Shanna Freedman has more than paid her dues over her four years in the industry.
An award-winning producer, Shanna brings unflappable competence and a wealth of valuable experience to the table of any production. Organisation is an art form all its own, after all, and Shanna is a creative master of her craft.

Guto Bussab (Executive Producer)
To Guto Bussab, what he is doing is a lot like chemistry: take the potent elements of pure talent, personal experience and context, throw them all together at high speeds and watch the resultant energy shake the social structure to its foundations. From his advertising beginnings in Brazil, to the multi-faceted services offered at his studios in Cape Town, Guto is absolutely committed to telling stories like nobody has ever told them before. MUTI is a manifestation of that commitment.
A space that hums with its own unique energy, Guto sits at its fiery centre and facilitates the sharing of experiences. It is one step closer to realising his dream of a dynamic, diverse crack team of like-minded filmmakers that tell the tales of the cities and their streets while holding true to the complex heart of the country he has called home for twenty years.

Alfonzo Franke (Director of Photography)
Alfonzo Franke sees the world in camera shots: light, composition, angle, filter, depth, colour. An exquisite visual eye translates itself into captured moments that convey authenticity, raw emotion and life’s spontaneity — Alfonzo’s surroundings are the vehicle he uses to tell his stories. After five years in the film industry, he is as comfortable behind the lens as he is slicing clips together.

Muti Films
MUTI produces hi-quality, cost-efficient independent film content for local and worldwide distribution, as well as local and international TV commercials, corporate videos and web content. In 2008, Muti co-produced the film Gangsters Paradise: Jerusalema, directed by Ralph Ziman.

Contact Information:


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