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Mar 21, 2016 3:18 PM ET

Archived: Barnes Cheney Distillery: Manufacturing quality bourbon whiskey in bulk.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 21, 2016

Barnes Cheney Distillery

Manufacturing quality bourbon whiskey in bulk

Bourbon and whiskey consumption has been steadily rising over the years. However, distilleries are finding that they cannot meet the demand of the growing market of thirsty connoisseurs. For numerous companies, supply has slowed to a trickle. Some are even running completely dry of the aged spirits.

Barnes Cheney Distillery is entering the scene as one of the largest privately held whiskey distilleries in the United States. Founders Daniel Barnes and Curtis Cheney have a collective 26 years of experience in the spirits industry. Barnes Cheney Distillery will act as a manufacturer, producing bulk bourbon and whiskey for sale to other distillers. We marry quality with quantity to quench the thirst of the ever-growing market of whiskey and bourbon lovers everywhere.


Sales and production of distilled spirits have been increasing steadily over the years. This increase in demand is great for bourbon and whiskey distilleries. But currently, there is a problem with the supply. In the midst of a growing industry, there is a major shortage of bourbon in the marketplace. Some major bourbon and whiskey-producing companies are running so low on products that many of their brands are periodically missing from store shelves. The need for an alternative bulk producer of bourbon and whiskey is desperately needed, and Barnes Cheney is answering the call.

Barnes Cheney Distillery will manufacture bourbon and whiskey in bulk for use by other distillers to bottle and market to consumers. With a focus on producing products for multiple brands, we offer personalized whiskey, custom recipes and multiple channels of production. While other firms ignore selling to the smaller craft distillery market, Barnes Cheney will be able to accommodate small orders of just a few barrels in addition to large orders of several thousand barrels. Because we are in the bulk production industry, there is no need for us to deal with competitive, time-consuming marketing strategies.

Additional hallmarks of Barnes Cheney Distillery operations will include:

Engaging, yet discreet customer service

High-quality products previously unseen in the marketplace

Selection of products based on counsel from the most highly regarded bourbon maker in decades


Since creating the business in January of 2014, we have completed all legal requirements and have a solid business plan moving forward. Perhaps our greatest traction so far is our founders Curtis Cheney and Daniel Barnes’ experience within the spirits and distillery industry. Mr. Barnes himself has been running his own extremely successful craft distillery in Texas for the past eight years. Together, Cheney and Barnes have the experience and drive necessary to make the next venture thrive.


The problem of the recent shortage of spirits in the U.S. has caught national attention. Below are articles on the subject, further illuminating the need for the Barnes Cheney Distillery:

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Curtis Cheney, Chief Executive Officer. Curtis is an expert in deductive spirit analysis and distillation. He has more than 18 years in the spirits industry and 15 years of managerial experience. In his past, he has trained under the world’s most respected beverage experts and was a judge at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge — one of the world’s most highly regarded spirits competitions. Curtis will oversee daily operations, quality control and spirits.

Daniel Barnes, President. Daniel has more than 8 years in the spirits industry and holds one of the first distiller permits in Texas. He founded and has been running the Treaty Oak Distilling Company —one of the first craft distilleries in the U.S.—for the last 8 years. Daniel is also the President of Texas Distillers Spirits Association, which has been instrumental in changing the legal landscape in which Texas distillers operate. He will oversee operations.

Contact Information:

Curtis Cheney, Chief Executive Officer.
Daniel Barnes, President.

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