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Mar 18, 2016 1:37 PM ET

Archived: The Perfectly Green Corp.: A technology, energy and HVAC company making renewables a more practical source of sustainable energy

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 18, 2016

The Perfectly Green Corp.

PGC is a technology, energy and HVAC company

The Perfectly Green Corp (PGC) is a private Texas C-corporation that invents, owns and operates proprietary, on-site Point-of-Use Generation; Micro Power Generation and air conditioning/standby generation systems.

By utilizing a mixture of fossil fuels and alternative fuels to provide power and HVAC needs to end-users, PGC’s technology not only makes renewables a more practical source of sustainable energy, but also generates a constant source of power critical during emergency situations.

We saw first-hand the destruction caused by powerful storms like Superstorm Sandy and the resulting lack of power. PGC systems were born out of a desire to weather storms like Sandy, which only promise to increase in number as the climate grows more unstable.

…which allow the user to simply plug in solar panels to generate self-sustaining electricity, while the microgrid system allows the Smart Frog AC to function at an optimal level for any situation:

The Smart Frog AC is smarter and more powerful than any solution currently on the market. The advantages go on for days:

2015 was a milestone year for PGC, and we’ve ensured that 2016 is a year of exponential growth.

Smart Frog AC: We designed, installed and filed another patent for the first residential high-efficiency variable speed air conditioning system with built-in standby generation, grid interactivity, durable weatherproof ABS housing and an onboard inverter. The system is designed to allow end users to simply plug in solar panels to create their own power.

Additional patents: Pending for three years, PGC has obtained a utility patent on PGC technology, adding to our existing intellectual property portfolio.

Partnership: We’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a company ranking in the top 150 in the Forbes Global 2000 companies and Top 100 Most Powerful Brands.

Distribution: We’re in advanced talks with the largest HVAC distributors in the industry. Under these pending agreements, we expect a minimum of $2.5 million in inventory to be shipped each quarter, starting in Q2-2016.

SEER Rating: The result of years of outstanding work by the PGC team, 2015 saw us rewarded with a 23 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating for the five-ton Smart Frog AC, making it one of the most efficient on the market.

2015 was a great start. Now, it’s time for PGC to use our accomplishments to propel us into  2016 and beyond. Want to hear more about where PGC is headed? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how bright the future will be.


Eric Barger – CEO
Eric’s career as an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur spans more than 30 years.  A veteran of the United States Air Force, Mr. Barger served his active duty time in the military as a mechanical equipment specialist, kicking off his career in the mechanical and HVAC industry.

Eric then parlayed that experience into an HVAC company specializing in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, a successful endeavor that became foundational to his future roles as entrepreneur, President and CEO of a NASDAQ-traded company.

Contact Information:

Eric Barger - CEO

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